How Can a Dairy Intolerance Affect Your Skin?

Wednesday Oct 19 2016

Dairy is a very common allergen, particularly in children. Some are lucky to "grow out of it", but some are affected by it throughout their adult life as well. The...

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Could Itchy Skin be a Sign You're a Coeliac?

Friday Oct 14 2016

 Pangs of stomach pain after pasta? Feeling constantly tired and headachy? Digestive problems? A lot of people would recognise these as common symptoms of coeliac disease.  What a lot of...

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Eczema Week 2016

Wednesday Sep 21 2016

This year's National Eczema Week focuses on the mental aspects of having eczema. Whether it's the ups and downs of new treatments, or the low self-esteem that can manifest due...

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4 Foods for Better Skin and Hair

Wednesday Sep 14 2016

  Brazil nuts to fight breakouts  Selenium is a powerful trace mineral that acts as a natural antioxidant in our bodies, and helps protect our cells. Some studies have also...

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Sleep Your Way to Flawless Skin

Wednesday Aug 17 2016

  We have all heard that sleep is good for our mind, body and lifestyle. But did you know that your level of sleep also affects your skin? Here are...

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Achieving Flawless Foundation with Sensitive Skin

Wednesday Jul 27 2016

So you've got sensitive skin, but still love wearing make-up? We share our tips on how to achieve flawless foundation, with minimal irriation to your sensitive skin. 1. Prep, prep,...

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Sönd's Tips for Smoother Sensitive Legs

Tuesday Jul 26 2016

We know it's definitely summer when it's time to bring out those summer dresses! And we also know the importance of having your legs prepped for those kinda days, so here...

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Whole Life Challenge: Team Sönd

Saturday May 07 2016

So the day has arrived and the Sönd team are ready to go! For the next 8 weeks we'll be undertaking the Whole Life Challenge - a holistic approach to...

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Grazia - 29.03.16

Tuesday Mar 29 2016

In the Grazia piece on 'Take the Sting Out of Skin', beauty writer Sophie Qureshi included Sönd as a skincare system that's suitable for those who have hyper-sensitive skin. Sophie...

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Birmingham Post - 25.02.16

Friday Feb 26 2016

We're delighted to see that our Replenising Face Oil achieved a 5 out of 5 star rating in the 'Tried and Tested' review of face oils in the Birmingham Post....

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Health and Fitness - 09.02.16

Tuesday Feb 09 2016

This March we're delighted to see we've been featured in Health and Fitness Magazine. Focusing on the Sönd Hydrating Face Spray, they wrote: "Have sensitive skin? You're not alone...Sönd from...

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Fabulous Magazine - 31.01.16

Monday Feb 01 2016

We loved waking up on Sunday to see that Fabulous Magazine writer Sarah-Jane Corfield-Smith has included our Revitalising Face Serum in her 'Sensitive Skin SOS' feature. "Collagen, the ingredient responsible...

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i (The Independent) - 16.01.16

Monday Jan 18 2016

Featured in the Independent as one of the '16 health trends of 2016', the Energising Mineral Supplements were listed as 'Inside-out beauty': "The stuff you put on your face is...

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Look Magazine - 12.01.16

Tuesday Jan 12 2016

It was lovely to hear that Samantha Freedman, the beauty editor at Look, had such a great experience taking the Energising Mineral Supplements. She wrote: "I've never really suffered from...

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2015 -The Year We Launched Sönd!

Thursday Dec 31 2015

So 2015 is coming to an end and it’s safe to say it’s been a big year for Sönd!! Here's what we got up to: We’ve grown from a team...

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The Sönd Guide to Party Season Skin

Wednesday Dec 16 2015

It’s officially party season! You’ve donned your flashing lights Christmas jumper, the prosecco has been passed around the office for a deskside tipple,  and at this point you don’t even...

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The Artist on The Isle of Skye

Thursday Dec 03 2015

In October last year London based artist Katie Tunn abandoned the city in favour of a nature-focused life on the Isle of Skye. She intended to stay for six months but...

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What to do in London this Christmas

Tuesday Dec 01 2015

Christmas, more than any other time of year, makes London feel alive. There’s so much happening in this amazing city it’s almost impossible to decide what to do to get...

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The Best Things You Can Do For Your Skin

Saturday Nov 28 2015

We believe everyone’s skin is unique; this means you need to spend time understanding what skincare routine and products work best for your skin, and we want to help you...

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5 Motivational TED Talks

Thursday Nov 26 2015

  Many of us know the draining feeling that results from a lack of motivation. Although this can occur in all aspects of life its impact can most be felt...

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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying

Monday Nov 23 2015

We’re always interested in reading the latest talked-about-book. We are a bit late with this one, but suddenly everyone was reading Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying and...

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Caring For Your Skin In Cold Weather

Friday Nov 20 2015

The combination of cold, windy outdoor weather and dehydrating central heating can take its toll on your skin during winter. Many people will find their skin becomes dryer, which can...

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Productivity Boosting Apps

Tuesday Nov 17 2015

Increased productivity has many positive benefits; it leaves you feeling more accomplished, organised and in-control and allows more time for enjoyment or relaxation. Here are four apps that can help...

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5 Seasonal Foods for Healthy Skin

Sunday Nov 15 2015

The food your eat can have a great impact on the health of your skin. We’re big fans of eating seasonally and in November and December you can eat delicious...

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The Benefits of Kindness

Friday Nov 13 2015

Psychologist Dr Mimi Goess-Saurau marks World Kindness Day by looking at the health benefits kind acts can give.  Kindness is hard wired into us. Our ancestors had to be kind to...

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Acts of Self Care

Monday Nov 09 2015

Psychologist Dr Mimi Goess-Saurau suggests acts of self care to include in your life. Stress costs the UK roughly £6.5 billion a year. Last year there were 10.4 million days lost...

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Ways to Relax this Weekend

Friday Nov 06 2015

The weekend is the perfect opportunity to regain a sense of calm after a hectic work week. To help you we’ve put together a selection of suggestions of how to...

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The 12 Phases of Burnout

Wednesday Nov 04 2015

Psychologist Dr Mimi Goess-Saurau explains the 12 phases of occupational burnout. Burnout was a term first coined by Herbert Freudenberger in 1974. Occupational burnout is characterized by exhaustion, lack of...

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Joy Johnson: The 86 Year Old Marathon Runner

Monday Nov 02 2015

"I'll be at the back of the pack, but I don't mind. I just praise the Lord I can get out of bed each morning and run. A lot of...

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5 Ways to Have a Less Stressful Commute

Sunday Nov 01 2015

“Journeys are the midwives of thought. Few places are more conducive to internal conversations than a moving plane, ship or train. At the end of hours of train-dreaming, we may...

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Improving Sleep Hygiene

Saturday Oct 24 2015

    Tonight the clocks will change, giving us an extra hour in bed. Psychologist Dr. Mimi Goess-Saurau explains the benefits of developing good bedtime and sleeping habits for life...

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Career Advice from Inspirational Women

Friday Oct 23 2015

We’re thrilled to begin our series of career-themed posts with these 10 motivational and thought provoking quotes. Working Hard “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their...

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3 Great Apps for Helping You Sleep

Monday Oct 19 2015

  A good night’s sleep makes you feel great, but its importance for your health goes beyond boosting your energy and mood. The benefits of sleep include an improved memory...

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Discover: Rebounding

Monday Sep 28 2015

  Rebounding - think trampolining, but on a smaller scale. A workout that has added (ahem) bounce, Rebounding is likely to cheer you up while it improves your overall health....

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Exercise Your Way to Glowing Skin

Wednesday Sep 23 2015

  We all know that weight loss is the most obvious benefit in exercising regularly, but did you know that your skin is also reaping the rewards of your fitness...

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3 Great Guided Meditation Apps for Busy People

Monday Sep 21 2015

The physical and mental health benefits for meditating daily are quickly convincing more and more of us to try it out. But where do you start? A great way to...

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6 of the Best Foods for Dry Skin

Wednesday Sep 16 2015

  The foods you eat can have a big impact on the condition of your dry skin. Nourishing your body with the right minerals and vitamins through food gives your...

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“Age is Nothing But a Number” The Remarkable Story of Ernestine Shepherd

Monday Sep 14 2015

  Inspired at age 56 to shift her focus to her health and fitness at by her sister, Ernestine Shepherd is now inspiring other women all over the world to...

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Why is My Skin Showing Signs of Ageing?

Wednesday Sep 09 2015

  We all age, we all grow older - whether ageing is embraced or not is up to the individual! But what actually causes the signs of aging to show...

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What Time Will Your Genes Wake You Up?

Tuesday Jun 23 2015

  Do you jump out of bed first thing in the morning or are you more likely to come into bloom late in the night? Your answer, it turns out,...

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How to Check if You Have Combination Skin

Wednesday Jun 03 2015

  Keeping your skin healthy and happy can be made that bit easier by understanding its unique type and characteristics. Your skin also changes as it get's older so it’s...

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Sönd Discovers June

Tuesday Jun 02 2015

    As the Sönd headquarters are based in London, it’s the city where we take some time out to enjoy ourselves and indulge in all the wonderful events London...

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Get on a Beauty Roll with Jade Rollers

Friday May 29 2015

What is a Jade Roller? Used by the Chinese elite since at least the 7th century, in recent years the jade roller has captured the attention of beauty enthusiasts globally....

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Simplify Your Skincare Routine

Thursday Apr 23 2015

  Many of us have become overwhelmed with the amount of choice available when it comes to our skin care routine. Too many ‘concerns’ and too many products  are forcing...

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