Look Magazine - 12.01.16

Posted: Discover Sönd

It was lovely to hear that Samantha Freedman, the beauty editor at Look, had such a great experience taking the Energising Mineral Supplements. She wrote:

"I've never really suffered from sensitive skin until recently - and even as a beauty editor, I struggled to find a product that would bring my skin back to normality. Then Sönd popped up. The whole range is designed with one main ingredient, silica (something we already have in our bodeis), which makes your skin, quite simply, glow. I've been taking the Energising Mineral Supplements and my skin hasn't had a spot or reaction since. Touch wood."

Thanks so much Samantha and Look Magazine for the review!

You can take a look at the Energising Mineral Supplements in more detail in the shop section of our website.






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