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Team Sönd: Whole Life Challenge

So the day has arrived and the Sönd team are ready to go! For the next 8 weeks we'll be undertaking the Whole Life Challenge - a holistic approach to improving your overall health by focusing on improving 7 aspects of living.

The World Life Challange is all about building positive habits and the idea is that if we can be consistent for the next 8 weeks, then these habits will likely stick.
So we'll be drinking more water, sleeping more, eating healthier and undertaking acts of mindfulness and activity. We not only want to do this for oursleves but also to inspire our users to take it on too. Sönd has always believed that beauty comes from confidence and loving the body you are in and being kind to yourself.

So how do we all feel about the challenge? Read below to find out what each of us hope to achieve.

Team Sond

Eileen, Markus and Varvara.

Varvara, Marketing Executive
"So the Whole Life Challenge (WLC) is starting today, and I am pretty excited! Don't get me wrong, I am pretty nervous too. For me the biggest challenge will be keeping to 1 drink a week (the summer days are starting, so it is pretty hard to resist a glass of wine outside with your friends over the weekend), as well as the mindfulness aspect of things, as I was never the one to have a diary and write about my feelings. However, I do believe this will be a great adventure for our team, and I will do my best to keep our scores high! I believe this will be a great experience, which will benefit us in the log run. So bring on the #wholelifechallenge! Stay tuned!"
Eileen, Marketing Director
"When Markus turned to me last week and asked me did I want to take on the WLC, it was like he had read my mind. I'm so ready for a change and a new challenge, and prioritising my overall health is something I've wanted to do for a long while but other things kept coming first. Now I feel confident I'm in the right place to give this a good shot.
I know the hardest parts for me will be non-alcoholic summer drinks and the mindfulness, I love wine and I'm not great at sitting still without thinking about all I could be doing!! In saying that, having the team for support is really motivating and I couldn't be happier we are doing this together. I hope we inspire our users to come on the journey with us, or even just take on a small element of the challenge. It's just so easy to neglect making time for just yourself and we want to encourage our users to take even just 5 minutes for themselves a day!"
Markus, Founder
"Over the last two years a lot of my time has been focused on work, a startup will do that to you. I love what I do and enjoy every moment but my work life balance has been slightly out of tilt. 
Anyone that spends time with me will know that I'm a person of habit. Monday to Friday my movements can be timed to near the minute:
-5:30 alarm goes off
-6:30 enter gym
-8:30 start work
-6:30 leave the office
-8:00 have dinner 
-9:30 I'm running on fumes and go to bed
    Although my days are pretty full I'm comfortable and that is never a good place to be in any area of life. I think it's the road to laziness which is the path to failure. 
    So although it would be nice to lose a couple pounds of winter layering through this process it's not my drive to do it. I'm looking to spend more time reflecting on where I am, what I have and where I want to go. I want to make myself uncomfortable to drive a change. What that will be I'm yet to find out but will share when I do. 
    By doing it as a Sönd team I also hope we can inspire a few of our followers to join us on the journey."

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