3 Great Guided Meditation Apps for Busy People

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The physical and mental health benefits for meditating daily are quickly convincing more and more of us to try it out. But where do you start?

A great way to try out meditation is using a guided meditation phone app. Inexpensive and convenient, you can use it at home, at work or even on your commute. Telling you what to do as you do it, they provide easy to follow lessons in medition. If you think you could benefit with taking some regular mental time out, take a look at our tried and tested top 3 guided meditation apps.


1. Headspace


Developed by a former buddhist monk from Bristol, Andy Puddicome, Headspace is an excellent starter app for those who think meditation is meant for, well, buddhist monks. If you need convincing then we’ll just leave this fact here for you - this monk is now a millionaire because of bringing meditation to the masses via Headspace.

Introducing the concept and benefit of mediation with concise and informative videos, it then takes you on a daily journey of 10 day short guided meditations. If you like where your daily time with Andy is going, then you can sign up to their full paid service which offers a great range of different meditations types.

As is usual with most meditation apps it comes with trackers, reminders and a timer.

Price: Free for the 10 day course.


4.5 out of 5 on iTunes

4.3 out of 5 Google Play


2. Buddhify


Aimed at the frazzled city dwellers who haven't a meditative moment to spare, Buddhify goes by the tagline “urban meditation app”. It’s designed to help you relax or meditate whilst undertaking other tasks. Whatever you are doing, there’s a good chance you can meditate along to that activity.

The app presents you with a colourful wheel of scenarios to select for your situation; such as ‘Walking in the city’, ‘Being online’ or ‘Can’t sleep’. With 80+ guided meditations to choose from, with tracks each between 5 and 30 minutes in length, it’s very adaptable.

Quite different to other meditation apps on the market, it’s an ideal starting point for introducing the concept of slowing down into already hectic lives.

Price: £3.99


5 out of 5 on iTunes

4.2 out of 5 Google Play


3. Simply Being


The key to this app is in the name - ‘simply’. Removing the fuss and spin, Simply Being goes back to meditiation app basics. Duration selection? Check. Music? Check. Nature sounds? Check. Now go meditate. Simple.

Start with 5 minutes and work your way up to 20. The oddly beautiful voice of the guide is very soothing and the choice of music and nature sounds is varied but not overwhelming.

With limited bells and whistles, this app let’s you get on with it inexpensively and simply.

Price: £1.49


4.5 out of 5 on iTunes

4.4 out of 5 Google Play


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