How to Check if You Have Combination Skin

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Keeping your skin healthy and happy can be made that bit easier by understanding its unique type and characteristics. Your skin also changes as it get's older so it’s important to check in every once in a while to see how it's changing and if you can improve your skin care routine.

It you think you may have combination skin - but want an easy way to check - take a look at our quick guide below.


1. Cleanse

Use your usual cleanser to wash your face, and then pat your skin dry. Leave your skin alone and just go about your usual business for an hour.


2. Observe

After an hour, come back and take a good look at your skin. Take note of how the skin on different parts of your face appears; Is your skin looking dry all over? Is it looking oily all over? Or is it a variation of both?

Other tell tale signs of combination skin are overly dilated pores, and blackheads in the areas that are showing more shine.


3. Take the Tissue Test

After taking a good look at your skin, it’s a good idea to try the tissue test. Using some pieces of tissue, blot different areas of your face with a individual pieces of tissue. If the tissue you’ve used on the drier areas has no oil on it, and if the tissue you use on the shinier areas has oil on it, then you have combination skin.


Now you know you have combination skin you can take steps to care for it accordingly. While you may want to use different products on different areas of your skin, the most convenient approach is to find a gentle skincare solution that suits most skin types.

It's also very impotant to eat the right foods and take skincare supplements in order to improve the overall all health of your skin. This ensures your skin can perform efficiently and regulate it’s own moisture retention capabilities from the inside out.


We've used Yaoqi Lai'sphotograph for this blog post, see more of her work on usplash.



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