2016, It's Been a Pleasure, but It's Time for the New Year!


Oh 2016, what a crazy year it has been! From politics to nature, 2016 had a lot of surprises in store for all of us. However, it has also been our very first year. It's had its challenges, but also been filled with exciting firsts that we wouldn't change for anything else! 

Here's only some of the amazing figures we managed to achieve in our first year of being around:

  • We received 17 press mentions, which included features in Stylist, The Independent, Cosmopolitan, Conde Nast Traveller, LOOK Magazine and others.
  • We grew 400% since December 2015 and we are hoping to quadruple these figures in the future:) 

  • We've received 147 incredible 5-star reviews on our website from our beloved customers. This is not counting the personal messages we've received over the past year describing how Sönd has improved their life (making us jump for joy in the office). 
  • We've shipped Sönd to 16 countries over the World, and we are planning to expand our reach in the near future. 

A year of firsts, but also a year of great achievements, we leave 2016 behind and excited for what lies ahead. 

We wish that the new year is filled with love, joy and prosperity for all of you! 

Now it is time to reminisce about the beautiful year that you had, and make a list of your New Year resolutions for 2017!


Warmest regards,

The Sönd Team

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