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Rebounding - think trampolining, but on a smaller scale.

A workout that has added (ahem) bounce, Rebounding is likely to cheer you up while it improves your overall health. It’s fun, it’s tough, but most importantly it’s low impact - which means it will put much less stress on your joints than a standard workout.


What is Rebounding?

Rebounding takes place on a small, specifically designed mini-trampoline, called a rebounder. And as with most exercises, the movements you undertake will be determined by the type or level of workout you try. For the most part, it's regular gym movements that take place on top of a mini trampoline.


Is this a new fitness trend?

Rebounding kicked off as a popular trend in the US in the 70s when scientific research (notably NASA) found it to be a workout that improves health from the inside out.

It’s evolved more recently and a popular hybrid combines rebounding and dance - adding music and dance moves for a workout that’s high-energy and high in calorie burn.


What are the health benefits of Rebounding?

Rebounding has gained NASA’s attention simply because it energizes every cell in your body. In the 80s, NASA declared it to be “most efficient, effective form of exercise devised by man”.

  • Strengthened cells: The increased G force from rebounding means each cell has to work to respond to the acceleration and deceleration. This strengthens the cells.
  • Lean muscles: This acceleration, and deceleration in rebounding will elongate your muscles. This makes for a longer, lean build.
  • Improved lymphatic drainage: The bouncing up and down improves lymphatic flow, which increase the removal of toxins and waste from the body.


Where can I Rebound?


Rebounce London

A hybrid of dance and rebounding, Rebounce very much promotes the fun aspect of rebounding. Classes at Fitness First in Clapham are taught by ex-dancer Missie Franks.

www.rebouncelondon.com   |  @rebouncelondon


Boogie Bounce

If you live outside of London, Boogie Bounce offers dance rebounding classes nationwide. High-octane rebounding that’s a lot of fun.

www.boogiebounce.com  |  @BoogieBounceXtr


Rebound UK

Rebounding is a great home workout. If you want to try it at home but are not sure where to start - check out Rebound UK. They have an online shop which sells the equipment, workout DVDs and everything in between.

www.rebound-uk.com  |  @rebounduk


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