3 Great Apps for Helping You Sleep

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A good night’s sleep makes you feel great, but its importance for your health goes beyond boosting your energy and mood.

The benefits of sleep include an improved memory and sharper attention span, and a lower risk of physical health problems such as heart disease. Sleep is also an essential time for your skin cells to repair and rehydrate, resulting in fewer fine lines and dark circles and a more healthy glow.  

Despite the amazing benefits of sleep studies show that we are sleeping less than ever with the average British person managing between 5 and 6 hours per night.

With this in mind we thought we’d share our favourite sleep benefitting apps:

1. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle describes itself as an “intelligent alarm clock”. It works by having you place your phone next to your pillow so that it can analyse sleep quality through your movement. It then wakes you up during your lighter sleep phase, which is said to leave you feeling naturally rested and less groggy.

After a period of use it can provide you with comprehensive information on your sleep patterns including sleep quality and average time asleep. The results might surprise you! You can also monitor how your lifestyle choices can affect your sleep quality including exercising and drinking coffee or alcohol.

If you’re looking to improve your sleep or to explore the root causes for why you don’t sleep well using Sleep Cycle can be a great place to start.

Price: £0.79

iTunes Rating: 4.5

2. Calm

Regular meditation can enhance your sleep quality by teaching you to relax and clear your mind.

Calm is a meditation app, which contains some great guided programs to help you naturally drift off. Their mission is to help people increase their sense of calm in an increasingly busy and stressed out world.

The app begins with the 7 Days of Calm, a free introductory program that allows the user to learn the basics of mindfulness. If you then decide to commit to a subscription you have access to a number of guided meditations including those for sleep.

Calm also comes with trackers, a reminder and a timer for freestyle meditation, making it easy to develop your mindfulness practice and incorporate it into your everyday life. With a variety of natural background scenes and sounds to choose from the app’s very appearance results in feelings of serenity.

Price: Free for the 7 Days of Calm course, in app subscriptions vary.

iTunes Rating: 4.5

3. Rain, Rain

Falling asleep to natural sounds, including rain and waves, can help to decrease feelings of stress and anxiety. Rain, Rain helps you fall asleep with a library of high-quality sounds. It’s a simple app with limited additions, you pick your sound, you select your preferred time and you fall asleep.

If you’re a music lover or have DJ aspirations you’ll enjoy the mixer function, which allows you to combine any of the sounds you like and create your perfect track. Want to be reminded of hot summer day in the rain, it’s completely possible with the mixer!

Price: Free to download with 25 free tracks, in app additions vary.

iTunes Rating: 5



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