Ways to Relax this Weekend

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The weekend is the perfect opportunity to regain a sense of calm after a hectic work week. To help you we’ve put together a selection of suggestions of how to relax and recharge.

1. Go Outside

Spending time outside can give your sense of wellbeing a significant boost. Exposure to nature can soothe feelings of anger and stress and restore a sense of calm. Head to your nearest place of nature for a long walk, if there’s a delicious roast waiting for you at the other end so much the better.

2. Create

Creativity has many positive benefits including giving you a sense of positivity and control. Everybody has a creative element within them, but our busy modern lives mean we can struggle to find time to be creative. If you haven’t made anything since school why not try colouring or starting a sketch book.

3. Read

Regular reading can reduce your stress levels by up to 68% by taking you away from the present and into another world. At Sond we’re loving Elizabeth Gilbert’s thought provoking “Big Magic”, which encourages everyone to discover their inherent creativity.

4. Cook

As the days become shorter and colder the kitchen seems like an increasingly appealing place to be. Why not take some time this weekend to create a dish that energises and warms your soul.

5. Laugh until your face and sides hurt

No explanation needed…

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