Productivity Boosting Apps

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Increased productivity has many positive benefits; it leaves you feeling more accomplished, organised and in-control and allows more time for enjoyment or relaxation. Here are four apps that can help increase your effectiveness inside and outside the office.


1. Evernote

Evernote is a beautifully designed note taking and list making app, that syncs across mobile and desktop. Your notes can be added as text links, photos or a voice recording, making it adaptable for each individual and for many tasks. You can also add longer pieces of content, including checklists and research. If needed you can use the app to connect with your colleagues to collaborate on projects and share information.

Price: Free to download, in app subscriptions vary

iTunes Rating: 4


2. Focus@will

Focus@will is a neuroscience based music subscription service, that claims to help increase your attention span when working. The app used sequenced playlists of instrumental music, which are designed to improve productivity.

Focus@will features claims to be able to increase the average human attention span from 20 to 30 minutes to a steady 100 minutes.

Price: Free to download and complete trial, in app subscriptions vary

iTunes Rating: 4


3. Carrot

For a humorously stern approach, you might want to give Carrot a try. A talking task list with dual personalities Carrot expresses joy when you meet your deadlines and ironic dissatisfaction when you don’t. It also has a gamification element, as you successfully complete tasks, you get points which result in virtual rewards.

Price: £2.29

iTunes Rating: 4.5


4. Break Time

Evidence shows that taking breaks from work tasks increases your productivity and creativity, while skipping breaks can result in stress and exhaustion.

Break Time is a simple app, that reminds you to take breaks throughout your working day. In doing so it can help you reduce the amount of time you spend sitting and help keep you active.

Price: £2.29

iTunes Rating: 3


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