Caring For Eczema Prone Skin


Many people suffer from eczema and its unpleasant side effects on the skin. While eczema cannot be completely cured, it can certainly be managed effectively by following a few simple steps. Our skin consists of several layers, the outermost of these layers is called the stratum corneum. In people who suffer from eczema, this outermost layer is damaged meaning that it cannot retain moisture effectively. This loss of moisture is what leads to the dry, flaky and irritated skin that we see in eczema sufferers.

Research has shown that the best way to control eczema and its effects on the skin is ensuring that it is moisturised enough. The problem with a damaged outer layer of skin is that the skin cannot retain moisture in the same way normal skin does. We need to give the skin a little extra help to retain that moisture and keep it from getting flaky or dry. Here are a few tips and tricks to stop eczema.

1.) Moisturise your skin after taking a bath or shower The best time to moisturise skin is directly after taking a bath or shower. Lukewarm water has been shown to penetrate the skin better than hot water. The problem with this is that the water evaporates shortly after drying off, moisturising with a thick layer of cream is the best way to lock in the moisture. Allowing the moisture to evaporate can actually have the opposite effect and make your skin feel more flaky and dry.

2.) Skin care for eczema Not all moisturisers are created equal and using the wrong product on your skin can cause damage to the already irritated skin and worsen the symptoms of eczema. Since eczema prone skin requires a lot of moisture, it is best to use an oil-based cream that can lock the moisture in. Take a look at the moisturiser range from Sönd, we offer products that are suited perfectly for every skin type. The range includes both day and night creams. Eczema requires specific formulations in order to be moisturised effectively and to make sure that eczema doesn't worsen over time. The best eczema cream should hydrate the skin effectively.

3.) Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight Eczema thrives when the skin is exposed to a lot of sunlight. Avoiding being in the sun for extended periods of time is a great way to minimize the symptoms of eczema. Always remember to use a sunscreen that doesn't contain irritants, you want to protect your skin from the sun.

4.) Avoid using too many detergents/fabric softeners in your laundry Detergents and fabric softeners may irritate eczema prone skin. The chemicals contained in some detergents can worsen the symptoms. It is important to find a detergent that is not irritant to your skin, many manufacturers offer special formulations that are eczema friendly.

5.) Take holistic care of your skin It is important to remember that the skin is an organ like any other in our bodies and it requires holistic care. Diet is just as important as using eczema skin care products. It is also important to follow a regular skin care routine for eczema to maintain your skin in perfect shape. Remember that the best cream for eczema will be able to lock in moisture effectively.

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