How To Find The Best Cleansing Cream For Dry, Oily And Combination Skin


Here's a rundown of what makes a great cleansing cream. Our guide will help you pick the best cleansing cream depending on your skin type.

Best Cleansing Cream For Dry Skin

Dry skin primarily lacks sufficient water to keep the cells healthy appearance and consequently dry skin is often red, flaky and itchy. Scratching will only damage the surface of the skin allowing harmful bacteria to enter. Aim to rehydrate from within by drinking at least two litres of water every day. Using soap to cleanse your face can actually make the dryness worse, as soap can be too harsh for such delicate skin. Using a cleansing cream that contains natural ingredients such as chamomile to soothe inflamed skin, without removing vital moisture, can help to correct the imbalance if used regularly.

Best Cleansing Cream For Oily Skin

When the skin produces too much sebum it can cause distressing problems such as acne or enlarged pores. Oily skin is actually highly sensitive and needs gentle products rather than something harsh to remove excess oil as trying to cleanse away too much will in fact make the problem worse. Beneath the oily layer the skin can also be dehydrated so increase water intake to two litres per day. Using a cleanser that contains a gentle but effective shea butter will provide skin with vitamin E to rejuvenate the cells and ingredients such as chamomile will soothe skin in a natural way.

Best Cleansing Cream For Combination Skin

With dry patches and usually a greasy T-zone of forehead, nose and chin, some make the mistake of using a different product on each area. The imbalance could be caused through a number of factors, but it can be beneficial to increase water intake to keep the skin sufficiently hydrated and make time for regular exercise to encourage a more even distribution of blood flow. A cleanser that is gentle to every area without removing valuable oils and moisture is essential. Consistency and a regular skincare routine are vital to get the best results.

Cleansing Cream Benefits

A cleanser such as Söndskin's Clean Slate Cream Cleanser that is suitable for all skin types, is trying to replicate the conditions that should be common to all three such, as not removing too much oil and replacing essential moisture. Söndskin's skincare products closely follow the skin's natural pH alkaline content which encourages new cells by increasing oxygen and blood flow. To complement the cleanser, Söndskin's Sidekick Day Cream with a rich texture of shea butter and cocoa butter is perfect for troubled skin as it soothes and calms with the additional natural properties of marigold flowers and pomegranate extract. Our Midnight Feast Night Cream will work hard during the night to fill out fine lines with an enriched formula of oils including sunflower and coconut that will not disturb the delicate balance of the skin.

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