Thank You, Allergy & Free From Show!

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Sönd at Allergy & Free From Show

Last weekend we ventured out of London and took part in the Allergy and Free From Show North. Shows like this can require lots of hard work and organisation, and this one was no exception. But you know what, by the end of the weekend we knew it was definitely all worth it! 

Liverpool greeted us with sunny (but VERY cold) weather, we got to see the Bonfire Night fireworks from the Albert Dock, some of us lost our voices (Varvara), some of us stocked up on lots of gluten-free beer (Eileen), and poor Markus had to drive us all the way down to London on Sunday night (but with some of Rachel's Cake Delights cupcakes for fuel).

All in all, we had a BLAST! We got to make a lot of new friends in our neighbouring stalls, some small business owners and some a bit bigger, all catering to free-from customers. We got to chat to plenty of people, some of which have now become our customers and some, who hopefully will become our customers one day.

The Allergy & Free From Show, thank you! And we will be back!


What's on the menu today? Choice.

We attended The Allergy & Free From Show a couple of months ago in London. We were amazed. The amount of big and small businesses catering for free-from customers is increasing, but often they are quite hard to find. At the Show they are all under the same roof! So when Eileen, who is coeliac, arrived at the show there was no stopping her. From fish and chips to cupcakes, to beer and pasta - The Allergy & Free From Show has it all. 

We chose to participate in the show ourselves because unfortunately a lot of food allergies are linked with skin conditions, such as eczema and dermatitis. As we mentioned in our previous blogs coeliac disease and dairy-intolerance can cause a lot of skin sensitivity - and we wanted to support them.

One of the most wonderful things about the show is witnessing the community and support it offers those with allergies. A hugh highlight for us was seeing happy little faces (often covered in brownie crumbs!) of young kids who live with a food allergy, and their relieved moms, who can at last say "yes" to their babies requests to try foods. And we also got to see the happy faces of grown-ups who would apply Sönd on affected areas of their skin, and come back a couple of hours later amazed at the results.

All in all - a great weekend at The Allergy & Free From Show. A big shout out to the organisers, sponsors, and all the smaller brands that took part, and here is just some of them:


Delicious Alchemy  

Discovering that she was a coeliac in 2002, Emma's, the founder of Delicious Alchemy, life turned around. However, it also changed her career path. By 2004 she quit her job and went back to university to study food science, and by 2006 she launched the company! The Delicious Alchemy had a beautiful stand with lots of lovely treats and smiling staff.

Like Delicious Alchemy's Facebook page here.


Gusto Nero Organic

Jikky's, the founder fo Gusto Nero, story started back in 2012 when she was inspired by Wholefoods and Londoners striving for healthier delicious food choices. With the help of her family in Thailand, she created Gusto Nero's Black Jasmine Rice Pasta, introducing a new, delicious, gluten-free alternative to your classic Italian dishes.

Like Gusto Nero's Facebook page here.


Celebrate Health 

Here's the beautiful Charlotte from Celebrate Health. Celebrate Health was founded in Australia in 2011, a natural, healthy and delicious food range, with everything from superfoods to breakfast cereals, catered to fit those with allergies and intolerances. We love the Quinoa Lemon & Thyme!

Like Celebrate Health's Facebook page here.


Green's Beer 

In 1988 Derek Green (pictured) was told that he has a gluten intolerance, which meant that he had to avoid beer. At that point there was no gluten-free beer available in the UK, or in fact across Europe, and his idea was turned down when he tried to pitch the ideas across the country. A breakthrough came in 2003 when he met a Belgian scientist, whose daughter was also a coeliac, and hence the journey of Green's Beer began!

Like Green's Facebook page here.


Wow Cake Company 


Our neighbours at the show were the lovely Susan and her husband from the WOW Cake Company. And trust us, the sample we tasted actually made us say 'wow'! The idea behind these cakes are simple - you buy the beautifully packaged cake mix online or in-store and the whip up the delicious gluten-free cake at home yourself. We couldn't believe these cakes were gluten-free, a moist bouncy texture that tasted delicious!

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