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What is Linalool in Skin Care?
On your label reading adventures, you may have come across an ingredient called linalool and wondered what it was. We’re here to tell you all about it!

What is Betaine in Skin Care?
Betaine, also sometimes known as trimethylglycine, is a naturally occurring substance that’s derived from the sugar beet plant. It’s a substance that the body requires for certain biological functions. It’s also added to skin care products to help to hydrate the skin.

What is Argireline in Skin Care?
Argireline is being touted as an effective alternative to Botox. Scientifically speaking, argireline is a synthetic peptide. Peptides are short chains of molecules called amino acids (that also form long chains, forming the proteins in our body, including our skin). They go on to form proteins such as collagen and elastin, that keep our skin youthful and supple. 

What is glycerin used for in skin care?
Glycerin is an effective hydrating ingredient for the skin, so it’s little wonder that it’s added to many different skin care products. We use glycerin here at Sönd in three of our products - our Clean Slate Cream Cleanser, our Sidekick Day Cream and our Strength Training Serum

What is Cyclopentasiloxane in Skin Care?
Cyclopentasiloxane in effect, is a type of silicone. It’s also used as a lubricant and emollient, as it helps the skin and hair absorb heavier, larger molecular weight ingredients. So what does it do? Let's take a look and find out.

What is a humectant in skin care?
Humectants are found in products designed to help moisturise the skin and hair. Not only found in skin and body moisturisers, humectants are also found in other moisturising products such as shampoos and body washes. Here’s all you need to know about humectants, who is best using them and who is best to avoid them.

Can you use hand cream on your face?

The skin on our faces has different needs to the skin on our hands. It needs something more targeted to our specific skin type too. Hand creams tend to cater for all hands (although some are more geared towards very dry skin). 

Moisturisers developed for use on the face tend to be more specific. For example, we might need a different facial moisturiser if our skin was oily to if our skin was very dry. 

What are cosmeceuticals and how can I use them in my skin care regime?

The word ‘cosmeceutical’ is a relatively new word, made up of two words. Cosmeceuticals are a blend of the best bits of cosmetics and pharmaceutical topical drugs meant to benefit the skin. So, think of a foundation or a tinted moisturiser, with added ultra hydrating hyaluronic acid or exfoliating salicylic acid. Or a lipstick with added antioxidants to help support healthy, smooth lips. 

What is squalane in skin care?
Squalane is an amazing skin care ingredient that helps to hydrate the skin without blocking the pores. This makes squalane ideal for gently hydrating oily skin without the heaviness of some other hydrating ingredients. It also makes it ideal for supporting dry skin without overloading the skin and making it oily.

Are parabens safe in skin care?

We’re talking about parabens, a group of ingredients found in everything from facial moisturisers and antiperspirants to shampoos and body washes. Over the years there have been many studies into the safety of parabens, with mixed results (hence the big question mark).

So what exactly are parabens, are they safe in skin care and how can we avoid them if we’d like to? Here’s our lowdown…

Are peptides safe in skincare?
Peptides are also called polypeptides and are a type of ‘mini’ protein. Both proteins and peptides are made up of the same building blocks - amino acids. There are 20 different types of amino acids, some that the body can naturally synthesise and some that we get from the protein rich foods that we eat.

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