We're not your usual skincare brand. Take our formulations – they're alkaline, when seemingly everyone else in the beauty industry is harping on about 'acid mantles'. 

And, for that matter, in an industry that relies on making you feel bad about the way you look to turn a profit, we're all about creating healthier skin, and doing whatever we can to help you feel happier in it.

Team Sönd

We're independent. Our team is small, and we take this very personally. We've lived with skin that made us feel wretched, and now with skin that looks pretty great, thanks – and we know which feels better.

Our products are made in Switzerland, the world-renowned centre for cosmeceutical excellence; and our team is based in London, the world-renowned centre of hectic urban living. Between the two, we'd say we've got an excellent grasp on how to best support skin when lifestyles conspire against it. 

Our products are devised by scientists at the forefront of research into cellular health and regeneration, and formulated in state-of-the-art Swiss laboratories – but we also believe that an early night, a few minutes in child's pose or a fit of uncontrollable laughter are every bit as powerful in the skin stakes. 

We do what we do because we know it works, and we know that happier skin is skin you'll feel happier in.

The Sönd Team

We know people have found a solution with our products that they hadn’t been able to find elsewhere. This is what inspires the team here every day (even on Mondays).