When the face is kept hydrated it maintains an appearance of looking revitalised, healthy and, as a consequence, youthful in appearance. Hydration keeps dryness at bay, meaning no visible flaky skin, and it allows a successful application of make-up to be applied whilst continuing to look good during the day.


Skin hydration inside and out

Keeping skin hydrated is also another way to combat oily skin whilst keeping the problems that arise with this type of problem skin at bay. Regardless of skin type, keeping the face hydrated is essential for an all-round and regular healthy looking complexion. In order to ensure that the skin on the face doesn’t dry out, it is necessary to choose a product which gently moistures the face and locks in this moisture for the day. However, keeping the face regularly hydrated involves not just hydrating the outside of the body, but also ensuring that the inside of the body is also kept constantly hydrated. Sönd’s Replenishing Face Oil is the perfect way to ensure that both inside and outside are kept hydrated at the same time due to its essential natural ingredient of silica.


Our products in your daily routine

Sönd’s Replenishing face oil can be applied as part of a regular care routine, directly after cleansing. Used once a day, it is even possible to apply moisturiser straight after application of the oil. By replenishing essential moisture, the oil is perfect for even the most sensitive of skin types and works to restore the skins radiance. Lightweight and immediately effective, the oil is instantly absorbed and works by encouraging the skin to retain and regulate moisture and the effect is brighter and more radiant looking skin which feels softer to the touch, all by applying just a few simple drops. With continuous five star reviews from content customers, highlighting the positive effects of using the oil on an ongoing basis, Sönd’s Replenishing Face Oil is the everyday essential in which the practical results speak for themselves.