how your Lifestyle affects your skin


Imagine a life where you could control how your body and skin behaves, and you could have any skin you like. 

We might not be able to change our skin just by thinking about it but we are able to impact its health through the decisions and actions we take. 

The actions we take affect everything from hormone balance, blood pressure and probiotic balance all of which have an impact on our skin.

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When the body is in a state of stress, stress hormones are released causing the body to tense, blood sugar levels increase, the heart rate increases and blood pressure rises. 

When required, stress is helpful to us as long as it is in short bursts and then goes away. However, long lasting chronic stress can impact the health of your body and skin.


As well as needing our sleep to remain healthy and alert we also need it to keep our skin in good condition. 

During deep sleep cell regeneration occurs which is where our skin receives its required maintenance. 

Not getting enough sleep can start to show through fine lines, puffy eyes, dullness and dark circles under the eyes.


When our skin glows it’s the ultimate sign of its health. 

Exercise increases blood flow through our bodies. At a ‘rest state’ the heart pumps 4 - 5 litres of blood per minute, when we exercise this increases up to four times that amount! 

Through the increased blood flow more oxygen and nutrients is delivered to the skin feeding it with the vital nutrients it needs. By having the required nutrients the skin is able to produce more of the natural oils improving the skin’s health. 

Not only does the increased blood flow increase skin nourishment it also helps the blood carry waste products including free radicals away from the skin cells.