5 Skin Tips For Sensitive Skin By 34 Year Old Marketer Turned Skin Ambassador

In this article Eileen shares her top 5 tips for caring for your sensitive skin, with the products she most recommends to care for it.

1. Avoid Common Eczema Triggers 

Eczema can be triggered by multiple factors, avoiding these will help keep the skin calm. 

The most common triggers which should be avoided are scratching, stress, itchy clothes and high temperatures. Avoiding these will help to reduce aggrevation and keep the skin calm. 

2. How to Care For Excema

Eczema prone skin is very sensitive so it should be strengthened any way possible.  If you have a breakout use a wet wrap to help keep the skin moisturised.  Using a detergent/fabric softener and soaps that won't irritate the skin is also important.  Two products to consider are 'Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Detergent' and 'Purex Natural Elements Laundry'.

3. Find The Cause to Your Eczema 

There are a number of things that can cause eczema so each individual needs to find what the underlying cause is for them.

Common causes to eczema are food allergies, hormone imbalance and chronic stress.  If you haven't already it is worth seeking medical advice to find out whether you suffer with any of these.  

Once you find the cause of your eczema you will be able to take actions to address it.

4. Skincare For Eczema 

When choosing your skincare products look for ones that are alkaline based. Creating an alkaline environment will help improve the health of the cells allowing them to carry out their required functions. All Sönd products are formulated to help the skin maintain an alkaline environment. 

Silica is also a beneficial ingredient for eczema. Silica strengthens the connective tissue improving the skins barrier reducing the chances of infection from external elements. 

Remember that the best cream for eczema will be able to lock in moisture effectively. Read more about creating a good skincare routine here. More information on products suitable for eczema can be seen here.

5. Take a Holistic Approach to Skincare  

It is important to remember that the skin is an organ like any other in our bodies and it requires holistic care. Living a healthy life with a good diet, getting enough sleep and minimising stress levels will help improve the health of skin. 

Is there a woman out there that hasn't wished she had better skin??

"The whole idea behind our range is to keep our skin in an alkaline state. This is where our cells can function at their best and keep the skin healthy" said Eileen Donoghue founder of Sönd who is a former victim of sensitive skin.  Eileen now follows a simple skincare routine where 4 of the products she uses are from her new alkaline range.   

"Our line isn't just another set of products, they take a fundamentally different approach to all other brands in the industry.  This is what allows us to achieve results that other products haven't been able to."

 Alkaline refers to the pH level. While most skin care products have a lower pH of around 5.5, our range of products have a pH of 7.3 which is just slightly higher than water (p.H 7). 

Alkaline products are not a new discovery. From Egyptians bathing in salt lakes up until today, they've been having a regenerating effect on the skin for centuries.

The benefits of an alkaline skincare routine are:

  • More hydrated: A higher pH means there is more oxygen within a liquid. This increased Oxygen allows our cells to absorb more water.

  • Glowing Skin: Cells with a higher pH have a higher negative charge, which improves blood flow and helps skin to glow.

  • Healthier skin: Cells have more energy at a higher pH which allows them to regenerate more effectively producing fresher looking skin.

In The Daily Mail article 'This is what 56 looks like', they reported that an alkaline skincare routine helped reduce skin dryness and has made skin feel baby soft. 

Dr. Isabel Sharkar, a naturopathic doctor has been quoted saying that our skin cells need to be in an alkaline environment to be healthy.

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