Sönd Solutions:

Skincare for Psoriasis

We know that having psoriasis can often restrict your choices when searching for anti-ageing skincare products. That’s why we’ve created Sönd:
- it’s an anti-inflammatory
- strengthens the connective tissue
- it boosts skin's water retention, repair, and cell renewal

The Sönd skincare system caters for those who suffer from psoriasis because it includes the ingredient silica, and addresses skin health from both inside and out.

Silica's Anti-ageing Benefits

01. Rebuilds collagen

02. Boosts skin's water retention, repair, and cell renewal

03. Increases delivery of oxygen and nutrition to skin cells

04. Rebalances hormones

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Independent Clinical Trials Show:

45% Increase in hydration

14% Increase in firmness

14% Decreaase in wrinkle depth

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We’ve created a Sönd Starter Kit, so you can try our products and see what Sönd can do for you and your skin.

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