A Detox For Healthier Skin

Based on the information you have provided we think your skin would benefit from doing a detox. Reducing the toxins within our bodies allows our skin to be healthier and look brighter.

At Sönd we believe that beauty starts from the inside out. We have teamed up with the wonderful Dr. Isabel Sharkar of SuperHumanEarth.com, to explain more about the effect that toxins can have on our skin and how a detox can help.

Dr. Sharkar follows the principal “Let food be thy medicine” and specialises in clinical nutrition, cleansing and detoxification. Her knowledge on the benefits of detoxing is so valuable, we wanted to share them with you, so check out the videos!

The Detox Cheat Sheet

If you are stuck for time or want an easy to view Detox Cheat Sheet from Dr. Sharkar, you can download the cheat sheet by clicking here.

Introducing the Sönd Range

Our dual approach skincare system improves the look and appearance of skin, as it's the accelerated silica nourishment that achieves results.

Our topical skincare products are applied directly to skin for silica replenishment via skin, and Sönd supplements improve your silica stores from within.

This system mimics the natural process of how you increase the presence of silica in your body, but at a much higher rate of efficiency.