Eat Your Way to Healthier Skin

Based on the information you have provided we think your skin would benefit from changing the foods you eat.

Here at Sönd we are big believers that the health of your skin starts from the inside out.

We know that the best foundation for great skincare is looking after your body well and one important aspect of this is nutrition.

Eating The Foods That Are Right For Your Body

We are all built differently, and some of us react better to certain foods than others, but if you have a skin concern you may find that certain changes to your diet will reduce the chances of a flair up. Avoiding certain 'trigger foods' may help improve the condition of your skin.

Some common triggers for people with eczema are: Cow's milk, Eggs, Soya, Wheat, Fish, Nuts

Your Skincare Meal Plan

We know it can be a challenge to steer clear of food types, and this usually happens when we are hungry but have no food prepared. So we've created this Skin Friendly Meal Plan for you and your family, so that you can easily prepare and enjoy over 19 meals that are not only trigger free, but also delicious.

Download Meal Plan

Introducing the Sönd Skincare Range

Our dual approach skincare system improves the look and appearance of skin, as it's the accelerated silica nourishment that achieves results.

Our topical skincare products are applied directly to skin for silica replenishment via skin, and Sönd supplements improve your silica stores from within.

This system mimics the natural process of how you increase the presence of silica in your body, but at a much higher rate of efficiency.

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