Rob Tynan

Fitness Expert

Exercising regularly helps to support healthy and happy skin. Rob’s passion for fitness is infectious, and he loves nothing more than sharing his expertise and motivating others to keep active.  

Introducing Rob

Over the past decade, Robert has developed essential leadership skills and a wide range of motivational strategies, and has worked with a broad spectrum of clients on five continents.Fitness and personal training has played a pivotal role in his professional and personal development. 

Born in Ireland, he has qualified under both the UK and US systems; he holds an NCEHS in advanced training, the gold standard of the American College of Sports Medicine, as well as a BSc, HND in physiology, sports science, exercise and health studies from the University of Bedfordshire. 

Rob is also an entrepreneur and is the founder of Ultimate Bodytec and the travel company Fitness Adventure Travel.

Follow both on Instagram: @ultimatebodytec + @fitnessadventuretravel

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