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How can I care for my sensitive skin?

At Sönd, we’ve created a new skin care system to help you look and feel your best, no matter what kind of skin you're in.

The challenges of sensitive skin can sometimes seem endless. We help you to invest in your skin’s health and appearance through the use of products that won’t aggravate it.t

Our products for sensitive skin help you take care of your skin's future, whilst alleviating symptoms now.

Sönd skincare for Sensitive Skin

Sönd Hydrating Face Spray

The Sönd Hydrating Face Spray is gentle on sensitive skin. It’s a lightweight water-based spray that delivers a spritz of energizing silicon dioxide to your skin.

The silicon dioxide in Sönd Hydrating Face Spray will soothe your skin and reduce any inflammation caused by acne.

The lightweight formula is easy to apply and works hard to keep your skin supple and youthful without overloading it with oils and creams. It's ideal if you want to invest in your skin’s future without irritating it.t

Sönd Replenishing Face Oil

Sönd Replenishing Face Oil is nourishing and kind on sensitive skin.

Locking in moisture whilst strengthening your skin cells with energising silicon dioxide, it provides nourishment to irritated skin.

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Sönd Energising Mineral Supplements

Sönd Energising Mineral Supplements can be taken daily to complement your skin care routine.

Each capsule contains the mineral trio of calcium, magnesium and energising silicon dioxide, all of which are known to improve the condition of sensitive skin.

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