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While you may see dramatic differences to your skin in a shorter space of time, we know that 6 weeks is when you'll really see the change in your skin.

With this in mind we have created great value packages so that you can try our products and get the best results.

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Skincare for Sensitive Skin Principles

Our products are created with an emphasis on being feel good and kind to your skin. We believe it's best for sensitive skin to mix the best of nature with the best of science, in order to minimise the chances of irritation or bad reactions. 

customers share their stories


Before using Sönd, I had sensitive, cystic acne prone skin, with psoriasis and dry skin. So a few issues! 

I noticed that the first two days there wasn't much difference, as soon as the third day hit though - the reddness and bumps went down! The dry skin started to not be as flakey. Within four weeks my skin had changed soo much!! No more bad cystic acne, the scarring was going, there was no dry skin or psorasis and the small but deep frown lines on my forehead were gone! 

I actually feel comfortable going out without makeup now, which I hadn't felt that way for over 10 years! This is a brand you need to search out and try at least one product.


Before I started using the products my skin was tight, often very dry in places and as a result, I often had a lot of redness and soreness from where my skin had broken out. 

What I love about this range is that it continues working throughout the day, my skin never feels tight or dry and I find that my make up stays put and looks better for longer. 

When I first started using the products I had a little bit of outbreak at the end of week 1, a few spots and blackheads which I’m sure was just my skin getting used to the range. This had cleared up by week 2. My skin has changed hugely since using the products. The main change being that it never looks dry or scaly. My skin looks brighter and younger.


I have suffered from rosacea since I was in my late 20’s. My skin was always very red, rough, tight and bumpy feeling with frequent beak outs of spots. 

My skin felt good from day one with the Sond products. It felt smoother, less irritated and hydrated all day. My skin now feels fantastic! It’s smooth and so touchable. My redness is much reduced. My skin feels moisturised and hydrated. No irritation and no break outs! The serum and day cream made a great base for my make up.

The products are so easy to use. No complicated, time consuming skin care regimes. My skin feels better than it has done in many, many years and I love my skin again. I am sold on Sond!

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