Caring for combination skin

There are tips for caring for dry skin, and there are tips for caring for oily skin, but what if you've got a combination? Some of us, as a result of genetics, or of our current skincare routines, or both, tend to have an oily T-zone whilst the rest of the face feels dry.

Combination skin tips might seem daunting, and it might be tempting to search for different products to use on the drier parts of the face, which might not be so problematic if you have both the time and a bathroom or dressing table cabinet that is big enough! However, there are some products out there which can be used on all areas of combination skin, without increasing or accentuating either the dryness or wetness of one particular region. The key is to find something which regulates the moisture in your skin, letting the balance between the T-zone and cheeks flow from a natural process from within.


A silica approach to combination skin

"What does that mean?" we hear you ask. We suggest you consider using a mineral which is naturally found within the human body, called Silica. A compound of oxygen and silicon, silica helps the skin maintain an optimum level of hydration by forming bonds with the proteins in the second layer of skin, and although we naturally have less and less of the mineral as we get older, taking a boost in the form of skincare products or even a tablet supplement can improve your skin's natural functions, leaving your face feeling smoother, firmer and adequately hydrated. Furthermore, silica is known to improve the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the skin.


Give Sönd a try

If that sounds good, why not give it a try? We offer a Hydrating Face Spray which can be applied by persons with combination skin after washing with warm water and cleansing thoroughly. (Don't forget to use mild soaps and cleansers, which will neither dry out the skin nor cause it to feel greasy.) The spray is water based and is designed to have a soothing feel as the Silica is absorbed and gets straight to work. As it can hydrate dry areas of your combination skin whilst not being too heavy on the oilier parts, there is no need to buy two different products. Great, no?