Caring for dry skin with Silica

Having dry skin can feel, quite literally, like a challenge! With constant itchiness and red splotches, it can be distracting and uncomfortable, but with a few good habits, a regular skincare routine and well-chosen products, it doesn't have to be. Taking a few minutes to learn about the causes of dryness can help us all to adapt our daily rituals to protect and care for our skin.


Environmental factors

Some of us inherit a tendency for drier skin from our parents, but there are also a variety of environmental factors at play. As we get older, we lose natural oils from our skin, and this gradual process can be accelerated by the use of certain skincare products. Exfoliating too often or with harsh products can strip away the skin's protective layer, leaving it dehydrated and irritated, as can using stronger rather than milder soaps. Our skin can even change its condition throughout the year; whilst we might expect skin to be drier in the summertime, it's actually the colder winter air in combination with cosy centrally-heated homes which dries it out.


So what can we do to reduce the problems caused by dry skin?

The key word to here is hydration, in more ways than one, from drinking lots of water, to moisturising well after bathing. Choosing products targeted towards dry skin is essential for moisture retention as well as for combating areas of inflammation and flakiness. Those which contain Silica, such as Sönd Replenishing Face Oil, are an ideal choice, as this mineral works in combination with the components of our skin responsible for locking in all of moisture's goodness, collagen and keratin, to regulate hydration levels. Silica, a compound of silicon and oxygen, an ingredient which is found in the form of quartz.


Our solution

Sönd Hydrating Face Spray is carefully formulated to refresh dry skin prior to applying moisturiser, and to help drive away those uncomfortable feelings of dryness. Mineral supplements with Silica are also available, for those in need of an extra boost of moisture to get that skin feeling and looking great. Why not shake up your routine and give Silica a try?