Definition of Psoriasis

Definition of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition identified by crusty patches on the skin, which are often red or flaky, and in many cases cause irritation and soreness. The exact causes of psoriasis are not known but it is believed to be an immune system abnormality in which the skin cells build up quicker than they should do, therefore leading to an increased overproduction, causing the skin to merge into thick and unsightly scales. The severity of psoriasis varies for each sufferer but can affect men and women of any age and also appear almost anywhere on the body. What is common though, is for sufferers to feel embarrassed and suffer from low self-esteem, particularly if the psoriasis is visible.


Diagnosis and actions

Where psoriasis is diagnosed, it is extremely important to understand the need to select those specific skincare products which are suitable for use with this condition. A psoriasis sufferer’s skin is extremely sensitive and liable to inflammation and therefore it is necessary to avoid any products containing harsh chemicals which can irritate and inflame the skin. For many, it can be a case of trial and error when choosing products, and there are numerous products claiming to offer protection against sensitive skin, but sufferers need to ensure that they choose their products with caution as a poorly selected product can cause unnecessary skin aggravation.


Restricted product ranges for difficult skin conditions

Sönd are aware that psoriasis sufferers may feel restricted when searching for skin care products to treat their psoriasis, and understand that it is a skin condition which needs to be treated with care. However, this condition need not prevent sufferers from being able to use good quality anti-ageing products.


We use the mineral Silica

Silica is present in all of Sönd’s anti-ageing products, and by building up a person’s levels of this replenishing ingredient, a psoriasis sufferer is able to nourish their skin. The use of silica also gives the benefits of an anti-ageing cream whilst ensuring a gentle balance is maintained to the skin. Silica is known to be able to nourish the skin from the inside first, soothing and keeping skin hydrated, which is important when treating psoriasis.