Keeping the face hydrated with Sönd’s revitalising face serum

The benefits of keeping the face continually hydrated ensure an outwards appearance of good health, freshness and revitalisation. Hydration can keep signs of dry and flaky skin at bay, encouraging a more youthful appearance. When using cosmetics, a hydrated face is easier to apply make-up to as the skin is smoother and the make-up holds for longer and, as a result, it continues to look good throughout the day.


Oily skin types

Those with an oily skin type can benefit most from keeping the face hydrated as it combats oiliness whilst at the same time minimising the problems associated with oily skin, such as acne. No matter what the skin type, keeping the face hydrated is an essential habit to form as part of your daily routine because the rewards are a healthy looking complexion.


2 step process

There are two steps to ensuring that the face maintains its hydrated appearance. Firstly, a gentle moisturiser is required which will offer ongoing moisture for the whole day.

Secondly, the inside of the body needs to be kept hydrated by ensuring a good intake of water is drunk during the day.

Sönd have created a perfect way to combine the two requirements for a healthy hydrated appearance, thus ensuring both the inside and outside of the body are kept simultaneously hydrated. We believe that with regular use of our Sönd Revitalising Face Serum, the essential natural ingredient of silica assists continued hydration.


Our face serum

Sönd’s Revitalising Face Serum can be applied either morning or night and immediately after cleansing for optimal results. Simple to use, only one or two drops are required per application and the serum can be followed straight away by a moisturiser.

The serum works to improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin and in turn leaves it looking soft and smooth in appearance whilst reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The silica present in the serum replenishes the skin directly and the result is improved skin elasticity from the inside out.

The overall effect is a smoother complexion with healthy revitalised looking skin. Suitable for all combination of skin types, Sönd’s Revitalising Face Serum ensures the skin is kept fresh and hydrated throughout the whole day of application and, with numerous five star reviews, it has become a must have item to use as part of an effective cleansing routine and a practical solution to keep skin looking supple and rejuvenated through continued use.