Paraben free skincare

What are parabens?

Parabens are chemical preservatives which can be found in many of everyday cosmetic products such as lotions, creams, deodorants and make-up. Because of the initial relatively short shelf life of such products, and the fact that many will be stored in warm and moist inducing bathrooms, parabens have routinely been used as one of the cheapest and effective ways to ensure that such products don’t become prone to bacteria and fungus, therefore ensuring a longer product shelf life.

Recently though, despite being used in such products for many years, the very nature of parabens has come under scrutiny from a number of scientists and professionals in the health field who have begun to voice concerns over the long-term effects of the inclusion of parabens in these increasingly popular products.


Exposure to chemicals from pharmaceuticals

When it is considered that an average person will use a multitude of cosmetics, creams or deodorants numerous times over any one day, a major cause for concern exists over the effects of such exposure to these preservatives and the question remains over just exactly how much can the body take from absorbing such a significant amount of these chemicals over a prolonged period?

Yet, although the exact need for parabens continues to be disputed, with no actual scientific proof of any dangers resulting from their inclusion in such products, opinion is ultimately divided over their use. Yet, for many, the mere suggestion that such speculation exists by those who work in such respected professions, is enough to alarm consumers leading to conflict when deciding whether to purchase any product containing these specific ingredients.


Conflicting advice- our take on things

Sönd fully understands that customers may be worried about current conflicting paraben advice, particularly when the professionals themselves are divided over its uses. Therefore, we produce No Paraben products, re-assuring customers that we will never use paraben in any of our skin care products, ensuring neither exposure nor any potential safety concerns.

Sönd believe in using the minimum amount of ingredients is each of our products to minimise the need of having stabilising chemicals. In addition, all of their products are clearly labelled with a shelf life date, a practical acknowledgement of the number of months of shelf life each product has once it is opened. Registered on the European Commission Cosmetic Product Notification Portal, here at Sönd we work continuously to ensure that all of our products are produced with the customer’s well-being their number one priority.