Silica anti wrinkle cream

Choosing an anti wrinkle cream might seem like a complex task. There are so many varieties on the market, and it can be difficult to decipher what is really being promised by the blurbs, and how the products actually get to work on those fine lines. Yet here at Sönd, we are not only passionate about helping you to find creams, serums or supplements that are right for you, but also about understanding why and how we age, so that we can build our skincare routines and feel in control and confident along every step of life's journey.


What happens as we age?

So what happens to our skin when we get older? The key changes take place in the second layer, the dermis, where the connective tissue that contributes towards elasticity and firmness are found. This tissue is mostly comprised of two proteins, called collagen and elastin, and as we age, and our oestrogen levels drop as we head towards menopause, these molecules naturally become fewer and fewer in number. As a result, our skin becomes thinner, less supple, and as collagen is responsible for water retention, drier.



Connective tissue and its role in ageing

It follows then that a key component of an anti wrinkle cream needs to be something that minimises the effects of diminished connective tissue. Silica, a natural mineral extracted from quartz, is a perfect fit for this job. Actually, its found in our bodies too, but less so as we age, so choosing a skincare product that is formulated with Silica is an effective way of replenishing its levels, which in turn works to revitalise the dermis layer.


The power of Silica

Silica's anti-ageing properties are multiple. Silica is known to assist in collagen production, adding strength, firmness and flexibility to the skin. Silica is also known to bond with both collagen and another protein, keratin, helping the skin to stay hydrated and moist, resulting in a softer, younger feel. 

After cleansing the skin thoroughly and in combination with a skin-friendly lifestyle, a Silica-based anti wrinkle product can assist in achieving softer skin and less-visible lines. Why not try Sönd's Revitalising Face Serum?