Skincare for a gluten free lifestyle

For many years now, people have been aware of the potential risks of gluten in their diets. Particularly since the 1990's, an ever increasing number of consumers have been switching to gluten free diets as a means of improving digestion and reducing the risk of allergies. But with gluten also present in the vast majority of cosmetics and skin care products, could it be time to switch to a gluten free beauty regime, too?


Celiac disease

There has been a great deal of interest recently in gluten free skin care products. For people with serious conditions such as Celiac disease, there is a need to be particularly careful, as anything put near the lips has a risk of being ingested. In addition, many people who do not suffer from this condition are gluten intolerant to different degrees, and have seen health benefits from a gluten free diet. As gluten intolerance has been linked to skin reactions such as dermatitis herpetiformis, people who have chosen to switch to gluten free diets are also exploring ways of cutting gluten out of the rest of their lifestyles, too.


Industrial cosmetics

However, most of the large cosmetic and skin care companies routinely use gluten and its derivatives in their products. Labelling is a problem too, as different countries have different legal requirements for labelling ingredients in beauty products. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what you are actually buying.

The marketplace for gluten free skin care

The gluten free skin care market is a relatively young one. In 2013, only 1% of beauty product launches highlighted the fact that they were gluten free. But this small market is nonetheless a growing one. The increasing demand for gluten free beauty products has created a need for skin care companies to find non-synthetic alternatives that are suitable for people with various allergies and skin complaints.


Our skincare range

Some of the more recently established skin care ranges on the market are completely gluten free, and use natural alternatives for healthy skin. Here at Sönd we use ingredients like silica, which is found in the form of mineral quartz, and is known to assist in collagen production. Over the last year especially, there has been a growing interest in products like these, particularly from consumers wishing to lead a completely gluten free lifestyle. The trend would suggest we are likely to see a great deal more of these products on our shelves in the months and years to come.