Taking care of oily skin with silica

Having oily skin can often make the face appear shiny and greasy, an almost reflective effect, which many sufferers find difficult to control. Oily skin can be attributed to genetics, hormones or even the current environment. It is caused by the sebaceous glands producing an excessive amount of oil.


Oil levels

Whilst a certain level of oil is considered necessary for a healthy complexion, too much of it can result in the problem of enlarged pores leading to acne, blackheads or white bumps, making a sufferer feel self-conscious. For those that wear cosmetics, oily skin can also result in the appearance of make-up gradually disappearing from the face only a short time after applying it, despite cleansing just an hour or two beforehand.


Cleansing and maintenance procedures

For people who tend to sufferer from this skin combination, it can be hard to control if the right cleansing procedures aren’t followed and subsequently if the wrong products are used to treat the symptoms. The most common problem associated with oily skin is the belief that because it is the opposite of dry skin, moisturiser is not needed. This is a classic mistake because oily skin needs just as much moisture as other combinations of skin type, especially in terms of helping to combat the skins ageing process.


Our approach

Fortunately, there are simple procedures that can be taken to ensure oily skin is kept under control and Sönd believe by changing to a gentle daily cleanse, tone and moisture routine, using products specifically designed for oily skin, it is possible to control this challenging skin type, because even oily skin requires good replenishment.

All of Sönd’s anti-ageing products nourish the skin and are extremely light weight on application, ensuring they are all gentle enough for oily skin, and leave a healthy looking appearance as well as providing the necessary hydration that such sensitive skin requires. The use of silica in Sönd’s products ensures that the skin is kept nourished from the inside out and its soothing qualities reduce any additional symptoms that may arise with oily skin.


In particular, their Sönd Mineral Energising Supplements and Sönd Hydrating Face Spray are ideal additions to the skin care routine. Many users find that when combining a good skin care routine with the use of Sönd products, over time their skin returns to a manageable level and reactions become far fewer, making oily skin a thing of the past.