The Benefits of using silica

What is silica, and what does it do? Silica is an important and often overlooked mineral which is naturally present in our bodies starting from birth. It is assists the skin’s natural ability to retain water, and is known to assist in delivering oxygen and nutrients to skins cells.



Silica is known to support collagen production, which acts an adhesive, providing flexibility and resilience to connective tissues. This glue-like function means silica assists in keeping the skin healthy.


Collagen and Silica production over time

As we age, certain processes in the body begin to slow down. Among them, the production of collagen. Most of us, starting in our late twenties, or early thirties, will experience this depletion in our natural silica levels. We see the evidence of this decline with the appearance of a few new fine lines, loss of our skin's elasticity, or a hint of dullness where there once was a twinkle or shine in our skin or hair.


Boosting Silica levels via your diet

It is possible to boost your silica levels by a few changes in diet, including plenty of dark leafy greens, leeks, barley, cucumber, and strawberries. But the only way to get enough of the mineral is to supplement.


Supplementation of Silica

In spite of silica's presence in many of our day-to-day foods, much of the food we eat has been refined to the point that not enough of this crucial nutrient is left. It does not occur in adequate levels in our food. Also, as we age, we retain less and less, which is why anyone over the age of thirty might want to consider supplements, as well as the benefits of using silica as part of their skin care regime.

When caring for ageing skin, the most practical and effective solution is both external and internal. The Sönd Skincare system is a dual approach to improve the appearance of every skin type. Sönd supplements can help to bolster your body's natural silica levels from within, while our skincare products can nourish and soothe your skin without.