The benefits of using silica during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the skin works harder to accommodate a woman’s ever expanding tummy. At this wonderful stage of a women’s life, the skin is therefore at its thinnest in terms of its elasticity. Unfortunately, with this reduction in skin elasticity comes the possibility of stretch marks. Stretch marks are one of the commonest ailments of pregnancy. With the skin continuing to stretch to accommodate the baby over a vast area in such a short space of time, the second layer of skin, referred to as the dermis, can break leading to noticeable stretch marks.


Stretch marks

Stretch marks are often characterised by red or purple thin lines which over time turn to less visible silvery-white lines. By keeping healthy and maintaining a steady weight increase during pregnancy and regularly moisturising the area’s most prone to stretch marks, it can be possible to keep the effects to a minimum, especially if the most effective moisturising product is chosen.

The appearance of stretch marks can also lead to discomfort as the affected areas can become irritable and cause regular itching.


Before, during and after pregnancy

Sönd products are suitable for use before and during pregnancy and the individual ingredients of all of the available products are clearly listed on their website for extra clarification. We realise that hormonal changes during a pregnancy can lead to extra skin sensitivity, therefore some products can become unsuitable for use during this time and great care needs to be taken when choosing a more effective product. Therefore, we ensure that our range of anti-ageing products are suitable for use on such delicate and sensitive skin, particularly through the use of silica as one of the main ingredients of our products. 


A final word on Silica

Silica is a natural mineral which is known to assist in helping to keep the skin feeling moist and dehydrated whilst nourishing it from the inside out.