The importance of men's skin care

Beauty regimes were always traditionally seen as the preserve of women. Thirty, or even twenty, years ago, most men would never have admitted to slapping on the moisturiser. However, that has rapidly changed since the turn of the millennium and the rise of metro-sexual man. These days, many men are embracing the need for skin care, and searching for quality products containing natural ingredients that can help slow down the visible ageing process.


The marketplace for male skincare

The men's grooming market is now hugely lucrative, and becoming more so by the year. A recent estimate suggests that it is currently worth U.S. $21.4 billion worldwide. This has grown rapidly from $17.3 billion just four years ago in 2012. The men's skin care market is actually growing faster than women's. However, with so many new male skin care products hitting the shelves every year, it can be confusing for men to know which products to choose. What properties and ingredients should a man actually be looking for in his skin care products, and why do they matter?


Using Silica in skincare

Essentially, it all comes down to one word: silica. This natural mineral is known to be required for the production of collagen. Collagen is the protein that holds our entire bodies together, including our muscles, joints and skin. It forms a scaffold-like structure that strengthens our bodies.


Ageing skin

Silica levels begin to drop in childhood, but this process becomes rapid during the teenage years and twenties. By 30, the skin is often visibly less smooth and flexible, making it advisable for men to start an appropriate skin care routine as early as possible.


Our products

Sönd offer a range of products suitable for men, for hydration, nourishment and revitalisation of the skin. All Sönd products are suitable for sensitive skin and contain silica extracted from quartz, its original source, rather than second hand through food. They also offer mineral supplements to assist with energy levels, another means of helping to combat the ageing process. For those new to men's skin care, a Sönd starter kit is available containing all the basics you will need to get you into a skin care routine that will soon become a regular part of your day.