Tips for caring for dull skin

If you are looking for dull skin tips, the place to start is, believe it or not, with science! Once we understand what causes dull skin, we can change our lifestyle and beauty regimes accordingly in order to move towards a bright, smooth complexion.


Environment & habits

A tendency to have duller skin is usually a result of an environmental factor. One example is dehydration, whilst city dwellers are more at risk due to exposure to polluted air. Too much time in the sun, stress, tiredness, and poor circulation are other reasons for dullness, as is a slightly increased age. Of course, getting older cannot be prevented, but we can give our skin a helping hand in looking and feeling bright and youthful by exercising regularly, using a quality sunscreen, getting a good night's sleep, and drinking at least one litre of water per day, if not two. However, there is another way to help, and that is by choosing skincare products which contain Silica.


Using Silica vs chemicals

If you haven't come across Silica before, it's a mineral which is found in the bodies of all animals, and indeed plants, but our stocks gradually deplete as we age. A little boost can be gained from eating certain plant-based foods, but few of us tend to eat enough. A moisturiser, serum or dietary supplements are therefore more efficient methods of getting the crucial mineral into the second layer of skin, the dermis, where it gets to work in more ways than one; four, to be precise!



Remember how poor circulation can cause dullness? This is because not enough blood, and therefore oxygen, is reaching the outer skin cells. Silica helps combat this by improving the elasticity of blood vessels, so that oxygen can arrive at the cells at an increased rate. It also helps to smooth the skin, by strengthening and firming the connective tissue, with the result that light will be better reflected from the skin's surface and consequently giving the impression that it is brighter.


Waterless hydration & anti inflammatories

The third benefit of Silica is its ability to combine with proteins to regulate hydration in the skin, reducing dehydration-related dullness. Fans of natural treatments will be encouraged to try products containing Silica, such as Sönd's Revitalising Face Serum, as the ingredient mimics the body's natural processes.

Why not banish that dull skin with Silica today?