Younger Looking Skin Using Silica

It happens to all of us. One not so special day, we stand in front of the mirror and notice the appearance of something that wasn't there before. A new line. A tiny bit of sagging skin on our face or neck. A dullness in our complexion where there was once, not so long ago, a youthful, healthy glow. We exercise. We eat right. We drink plenty of water every day like all of the magazine articles tell us to, yet it's still happening. We're ageing. We're getting older, and it's happening right before our very eyes.


Our bodies mineral production over time

While there are many benefits to acquired age, that is no reason to lose our youthful glow or energy.

When we're young, our bodies do a fantastic job of producing certain elements such as collagen and silica to keep our skin supple, glowing, and healthy. As we age, these processes slow down. Our collagen and silica levels begin to deplete. This leads to dryness, atrophying tissue, deterioration, and wrinkled skin. Without the necessary levels of silica in our bodies, we begin to show our age.

By bolstering our bodies' natural supply of this vital element, it may be possible to attain younger looking skin using silica.


Silica in the diet

It is, of course, quite possible to increase our silica levels by improving our diets. Certain food sources, such as wheat, barley, oats, potatoes, and dark leafy greens will provide our bodies with a natural source of silica. Unfortunately, most of the silica that was once found in our foodstuffs has been lost due to refining processes.

Silica supplementation

That is why considering a supplement and silica-based skin care products is worthwhile for most of us between the ages of twenty and thirty. Giving our bodies a boost of what it is lacking, and of what we can longer obtain enough of through our diets can greatly improve the way we feel, as well as the way we look.

Because silica is able to carry large amounts of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, increasing our silica levels can, over time, restore our appearance, giving us younger looking skin. Indeed, there are many benefits to acquired age, and the wisdom to know how to care for ourselves is definitely one of them.