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"I actually feel comfortable going out without makeup now"

- Clare O


Rebalance & Reset Cream Cleaner - N

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Releases muscle tension, boosts facial blood circulation and brighten up your skin with this powerful duo.

For acne, dark circles and dry skin.

The ultimate face-brightening brush! Removes make-up residue faster and more thoroughly than cleanser alone, at the same time as massaging and tightening your skin and reducing dark circles under the eyes, allowing serums or creams to penetrate the dermis faster and more effectively. Buff your face for 30 seconds to a minute daily for a deeply cleansing exfoliation that tightens your pores, gets rid of 99.5% of surface dirt, blackheads and oil.

This product will last for about 90 uses before the battery runs out which cannot be replaced

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Rebalance & Reset Cream Cleaner - N