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Bringing calm in
and confidence out

We're not your usual skincare outfit

We are on a mission to free people from the prison of non-conformist skin. We know what it feels like to have given up relying on your skin. Skin that makes you feel like everyone is looking at you for all the wrong reasons, giving you anxiety that other people do not understand. And skin that doesn't behave, even when you think it's old enough that it should.

We believe things can be different when done differently...

At Sond, we believe things can be done differently. Whilst everyone else is promoting the use of acids, we believe in the power of alkalinity for healthy, happy skin.

We also believe that if you are happy inside, you are happy outside and that this is important to live life fully.

Our Values

We don't sell empty
We never underestimate the importance
of skin to fell free to live life fully
We appreciate the power of the
human body and mind
We support whole/holistic
We like to make things as simple
as possible
We treat everyone

Driven by passion and
inspired by our customers

Dr Anna Brilli

With more than 35 years of experience as a Medical Consultant and Holistic Nutritionist, Anna has developed her own alkaline-based approach for natural well-being.

Anna's aim is to help maximize one's own health potential from within using the power of the body to aid and boost the immune system. Her holistic methodology helps slow down the aging processes, cures problematic skin types, and helps increase physical strength and mental clarity.

Markus Goess- Saurau

In 2014, Markus met a team of Swiss scientists working on skin regeneration who had made the discovery that for skin to be healthy, it needed to be in an alkaline environment.

Having tested the products and seen the amazing results they were able to deliver, Markus felt he needed to share them widely and help those with stressed-out, irritated skin who were struggling to find products that work. With no other brands offering an alkaline approach, it gave Sönd a reason for existence in an overly crowded market.


We know that our fans are conscious about the planet, as much as they are about looking after their skin, and so are we. So we researched the different types of packaging options for skincare and how eco-friendly we can be without compromising on the quality of our products.

We looked into all the options available from plastic, paper, metals, and glass. Our findings were that by far the best option for liquid skincare products right now, is recycled AND recyclable plastics, and bio alternatives to plastics.

Post-consumer recycled plastic is made using plastics that have already been used by all of us as consumers so we are saving it from being dumped into the earth.

Bioplastics are another element of our packaging and are plastics made from naturally occurring materials that are sustainably grown and are not at risk of being depleted.

Sönd Milano

Skin is grown from the inside out and is fundamentally linked to our internal health. Factors like our diet, stress levels and quality of sleep all have an impact on our skin. We believe in a holistic approach to skincare and look to provide as much support and education in this area as we can.

With our passion for health and well-being, we worked with Dr Anna Brilli to launch Sönd Milano. An integrative centre for health that offers solutions to customers with chronic health and skin issues. Services provided include nutrition advice, facials, mental health support, osteotherapy and breath coaching.

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