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Sönd Subscriptions

Signing up to a Sönd subscription is the most convenient and cost effective way to receive your Sönd products.  There is no contract or fixed length and subscription can be edited or cancelled at any point.  See our FAQ's below for more details. 

How much will I save by signing up to a subscription?

Subscription orders receive 15% off and is the most cost effective way of buying Sönd.

How often will I receive the products?

You can choose how often you receive the products anywhere from every four to 7 weeks.  All the products tend to last between four to six weeks so we recommend setting up the recurring order to be every five weeks.

How long do I need to subscribe for?

When signing up to a subscription you aren't committed to any length of time.  The subscription can be paused or cancelled at any point from the subscription management page here

Can I manage the subscription?

Yes you can manage all elements of the subscription from the subscription management page. Elements of the subscription you can manage include:

  • Add and remove products
  • Pause the subscription
  • Cancel the subscription
  • Skip orders

Can I cancel the subscription?

Yes, you can cancel the subscription at any point using the subscription management page