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Silica is Known For

01. Supporting collagen production

02. Boosting skin's water retention, repair, and cell renewal

03. Increasing delivery of oxygen and nutrition to skin cells

What is Silica?

Harness the power of silica

Nature's Best Kept Secret

Silica is one of the most abundant elements on earth after oxygen, and is found in its purest form in quartz. Silica is also naturally present in our bodies at birth, but depletes as we age. A lack of silica can show as skin sensitivities and the signs of ageing.

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Unparalleled benefits for sensitive skin

Our products contain only the most necessary ingredients for delivering the silica to your skin, reducing any chances of potential irritations.

Unparalleled benefits for sensitive skin

Our products contain only the most necessary ingredients for delivering the silica to your skin, reducing any chances of potential irritations.

Independent Clinical Trials Results Show: *

0%Increase in hydration

0%Increase in firmness

0%Decrease in wrinkle depth


Heard in the press

Sensitive Skin Saviour
“I’ve never really suffered from sensitive skin, until recently - and even as a beauty editor, I struggled to find a product that would bring my skin back to normality. Then Sönd popped up. The whole range is designed with one main ingredient, silica (something we already have in our bodies), which makes your skin, quite simply, glow. I’ve been taking the Energising Mineral Supplements, £28, and my skin hasn’t had a spot or reaction since. Touch wood.”
-Samantha Freedman
Inside-out Beauty
“The stuff you put on your face is only half the battle. Now skincare companies are focusing on supplements to boost skin's firmness and suppleness. Anti-aging range Sönd uses silica in topical and supplement form to boost collagen production and act as a natural anti-inflammatory for sensitive skin.”
-Sibohan Norton

The SÖnd Skincare System

Our gentle skincare system replenishes the body with silica from the inside and out, ensuring you can achieve a youthful and healthy silica glow within just 4 weeks.

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Replenish your skin with essential silica to improve the health, function, and appearance of your skin from within.

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Energising mineral supplements

£28.00 / 60 Capsules

Providing instant and long-lasting hydration, this is a lightweight and refreshing moisture boost that's gentle and soothing on sensitive or irritated skin.

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Hydrating Face Spray

£24.00 / 100ML

Restoring suppleness and radiance to sensitive skin with silica and coconut oil, this will leave your skin feeling nourished and hydrated.

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Replenishing Face Oil

£34.00 / 30ML

Leaving sensitive skin feeling soft and hydrated with silica and sodium hyaluronate, this is formulated to firm, smooth, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

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£42.00 / 30ML
Discover the Best in You

What to Expect Week by Week

Week 1

Increased Energy

As you begin taking the supplements, you may feel increased levels of energy around the day 5 mark, as your levels of silica begin to increase internally.

If you have particularly sensitive skin, by day 5 you may also begin to see the skin heal; becoming less red, itchy and irritated.

Week 2

The Silica Glow

Areas of concern anywhere should be improving by now and you may be starting to see the silica glow, as your skin can benefit from an increased oxygen supply.

You may also see small blemishes, as your hormones rebalance and toxins are flushed from your skin. Make sure to keep using the products until this short rebalancing phase has passed.

Week 3+

Improved Healthy Skin

The condition of your skin should have improved significantly as it continuously renews itself, getting healthier with each cycle.

The hydration, firmness, and elasticity of you skin should be improved, and any wrinkles you have should have decreased in depth.

Customer Testimonials

What Others Are Saying

"Really something special for my skin, mood, and lifestyle"

"I'm very happy to have this wonderful product! Effect-is more than I'm expected! I started noticing the changes to my face after only a week-two of use. Makes the skin look fresh and the skin young. I am hooked! Thank you!!!"

- Tanya

"It really helps to hydrate and heal the skin beneath the surface. I usually get painful cysts right around my period, but after taking the supplements for about a month I've been acne free!"

- H Y Liu
"Really refreshes your skin"

"The spray really refreshes your skin and gives you a boost while using throughout the day. Especially useful on busy days. I would definitely recommend this product as it is an easy way to take care of your skin while managing on a busy day to day schedule."

- Brian

"I've been using the pills for some months now, I feel more energised and my skin looks clearer and less wrinkly!! I am most definitely staying on them!"

- Gill
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