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Sönd #SkinStories

Customers that have followed the Sönd skincare routine have seen results they haven't been able to achieve before. Listen and read about their stories below.

"The improvement in my skin is unreal! "

It’s still not perfect, but the difference in 1.5 months is incredible. I have been using the cleanser, day and night moisturizer along with the spot roll on treatment every day. I use the face mask once/twice a week as well which seems to work almost instantly.

My skin just looks so much less angry and stressed. I still get some spots but absolutely nothing compared to what I was getting and I know the road to recovery with skin can take a while, especially with me having PCOS, so I am looking forward to seeing how it is in another month’s time. 


"After three days the redness and bumps went down!"

Before using Sönd, I had sensitive,cystic acne prone skin, with psoriasis and dry skin. After three days of using Sönd the redness and bumps went down!

Within four weeks my skin had changed so much!! No more bad cystic acne, the scarring was going, there was no dry skin or psoriasis and the small but deep frown lines on my forehead were gone! I actually feel comfortable going out without makeup now! This is a brand you need to search out and try at least one product.


"My skin calmed down a lot and I have very irritable skin."

My skin calmed down a lot since using the Sönd products and I have very irritable skin. It now feels soft and glossy to touch.

My skin looks very moisturized after I apply makeup and does not make my skin greasy. I’ve also noticed that scabs from pimples heals very quickly. I like how my skin feels when I touch it.


"My skin is now a lot clearer."

The products keep my skin feeling clean and fresh throughout the day. When I first started using the products my skin seemed to always be very oily but that soon went away when my skin got used to the products.

My skin is now a lot clearer and I feel like my skin tone has evened out, some of my red scarring has also decreased.


"Within the first week my skin cleared up."

From the very first time I tried the Sönd range I noticed a difference, my skin felt soft and hydrated and it immediately calmed the redness of my breakout. I couldn’t believe I’d worked out how to look after dry skin!

My skin was hydrated and radiant throughout the day, and I noticed my makeup applied better! Within the first week my skin cleared up and I was just left with the odd pimple.


"From sorting out severe dryness to clearing up acne."

I just had to tell someone about my amazing experience since beginning to use Sönd products. From sorting out severe dryness to clearing up acne, I’m completely blown away.

The thing I really wanted to mention was the fact that after only a few days, it has completely cleared up eczema from my inside elbows! I’m so happy I could cry!


"The redness has reduced and the tone is greatly improved."

The Sönd products have made a noticeable difference to my skin, the redness has reduced and the tone is greatly improved too, I can say my skin is feeling healthier to touch and has slight glow too.

I’m not wearing as much makeup as did to cover my redness on my cheeks. My skin has coped well with the change in products, I didn’t have break out as I would normally with the change.


"I would definitely recommend Sönd for rosacea sufferers."

When I look at my rosacea it seems to have calmed down which makes me very happy.

Since using the products I have had lovely smooth skin and not had any reactions to them at all. I would definitely recommend them for rosacea sufferers.


"I feel like my skin is on the road to recovery."

Sönd products have really given me hope that I don't need to use harsh, synthetic, chemical-laden products to improve my skin; and that there is a way to overcome the unfortunate consequences of sensitive skin!

I really feel like my skin is on the road to recovery - and it's all thanks to Sönd!


"My redness is much reduced."

I have suffered from rosacea since I was in my late 20’s. My skin was always very red, rough, tight and bumpy feeling with frequent beak outs of spots.

My skin feels smoother, less irritated and hydrated all day and my redness is much reduced. No irritation and no break outs! The serum and day cream made a great base for my make up. My skin feels better than it has done in many, many years and I love my skin again.