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Energising Mineral Silica Supplements

Energising Mineral Silica Supplements

Replenish your skin with essential collagen forming silica.

  • Nourish your skin from within
  • Also contains vitamin E, magnesium and calcium
  • Made from silica quartz



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Product details

Embrace glowing, healthy skin with Energising Mineral Silica Supplements. Formulated to replenish your skin with collagen forming silica, and to improve the overall health, function and appearance of your skin.

Contains silica for collagen production and the antioxidant vitamin E for the protection of cells from free radicals and oxidative stress.



  • Replenish the silica your body has used
  • Increase cell moisture retention for radiant skin
  • Improve the elasticity and firmness of skin


Calcium carbonate, Magnesium carbonate, Silicon dioxide, Vegtable oil, Potassium sorbate, Vitamin E, Capsule case: cellulose.



Take 2 capsules before breakfast with a glass of water.

Use product in the morning

Before food

Take 2 capsules

With a glass of water



  • Boost skin's firmness and suppleness The stuff you put on your face is only half the battle. Now skincare companies are focusing on supplements to boost skin's firmness and suppleness. Anti-ageing range Sönd uses silica in topical skincare and supplement form to boost collagen production and act as a natural anti-inflammatory for sensitive skin.

  • Only Sönd address sensitivity and anti-ageing Oral skincare supplements are popular, but only Sönd - a cruelty-free, vegan Austrian brand for highly reactive skin - explicitly addresses sensitivity and anti-ageing.

  • My skin hasn't had a spot or reaction since I've never really suffered from sensitive skin until recently - and even as a beauty editor, I struggled to find a product that would bring my skin back to normality. Then Sönd popped up. The whole is designed with one main ingredient, silica (something we already have in our bodies), which makes your skin, quite simply, glow. I've been taking the Energising Mineral Supplements and my skin hasn't had a spot or reaction since. Touch wood.

  • Make you look fresher 'Eat yourself younger' Sadly, whipping up a burger isn't going to do the job, but Sönd Energising Mineral Supplement, £28, might make you look fresher. It works by upping your collagen production, improving hydration as well as fighting pigmentation, all of which helps to refresh your skin from the outside in.

  • The body gets silica to replenish the skin It's important that the body gets silica to replenish the skin with collagen, however as we get older it becomes more difficult to get. These supplements are formulated with high-strength silica, magnesium, vitamin E, and calcium to give your body the boost it needs, improving the health, function, appearance of your skin.

  • Irritations have been soothed and skin feels calm. I’ve been using Sönd skincare for about 2 and a half weeks now, and have found my broken capillaries are less red, any irritations have been soothed and skin feels calm.