Revitalising Face Serum

The Sönd Sample Set includes all four topical products. Each sample contains enough for up to 5 applications.  The sample set includes:

  • Clean Slate Cream Cleanser

  • Sidekick Day Cream

  • Midnight Feast Night Cream

  • Strength Training Serum

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Clean Slate Cream Cleanser - 3ml

Begin with the Clean Slate Cream Cleanser to cleanse and rebalance your skin. Shea and Cocoa butter lift off impurities without stripping away your skin's essential moisture, while extracts of Chamomile and Marigold will soothe and calm your skin for a healthy glow.

Strength Training Serum - 3ml

Ease redness and the signs of ageing with the Strength Training Serum. Formulated with Moringa Oleifera and Pomegranate Flower extract for antioxidant effects adn with SIlica, Hyaluronic Acid and Pentavitin to ensure long lasting deep moistursation for your skin.

Sidekick Day Cream - 3ml

Follow with the Sidekick Day Cream to moisturise and soothe dry irritated skin throughout the day. Formulated with Shea Butter, Pomegranate Flower extract, and Pentavitin it also works to improve the skin's barrier for better defence against further irritation.

Midnight Feast Night Cream - 3ml

At night, following cleansing apply the Midnight Feast Night Cream and indulge your skin with active ingredients and precious natural oils intensely nourish the skin while you sleep.

ALKALINE skincare benefits for combination SKIN

At Sönd, we believe that our bodies (and our cells) are healthiest in an alkaline state. Sönd's alkaline skincare products work to keep our skin cells in their natural pH range, where they can function at their best.

More hydrated

A higher pH means there is more oxygen within a liquid. This increased Oxygen allows our cells to absorb more water.

Regulate oil production

Healthy cells can regulate their oil production more effectively helping skin maintain your desired complection.

Healthier skin

Cells have more energy at a higher pH which allows them to regenerate more effectively producing fresher looking skin.

what does Alkaline skincare mean?

The concept of Alkaline may sound a bit confusing but its quite simple, Alkaline refers to the pH level. Water has a neutral pH of 7, while most skin care products have a lower pH of around 5.5, and our  range of products have a pH of 7.3 which is just slightly higher than water.


Despite this sounding new, alkaline products are not a new discovery. From Egyptians bathing in salt lakes up until the 1950s, alkaline skincare was considered fundamental for having a regenerating effect on the skin. This all changed in the 1950’s when the skincare industry moved more towards products that were increasingly acidic.

Alkaline Skincare pH Chart

start your 6 week skin transformation

While you may see dramatic differences to your skin in a shorter space of time, we know that 6 weeks is when you'll really see the change in your skin. 

The Sönd products work best when used together. This is because most skincare today are acidic, and may disrupt the process of our products. 

With this in mind, we've created some great value packages, so that our customers can get the best results!