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We want to free people from the prison of non-conformist skin

We know what it feels like to have given up relying on your skin. Skin that makes you feel like everyone is looking at you for all the wrong reasons, giving you anxiety that other people do not understand. And skin that doesn't behave, even when you think it's old enough that it should.

Things can be different when done differently

At Sönd, we believe things can be done differently. Whilst everyone else is promoting the use of acids, we believe in the power of alkalinity for healthy, happy skin. We also believe that if you are happy inside, you are happy outside and that this is important to live life fully.

Clear and calm skin with alkaline skincare

Skin heals and regenerates in its deepest layers where the skin is naturally alkaline. Sönd's products are all based on natural alkalising salt compounds and nourishing botanical extracts that support the skin’s regeneration process, leaving you with clearer, calmer, smoother, glowing skin.


An integrative approach

We have partnered with leading nutritionists and medical consultants to elevate the importance of a holistic ‘alkaline approach’ to natural wellbeing and a boosted immune system. Join the Sönd community and learn from Dr Anna Brilli’s methodology to help cure problematic skin types, as well as increase physical strength and mental clarity.

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