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Case Study Information

Sönd case study information

Thank you for taking part in our product case studies. Please read the information below carefully which provides details of the case study process and the products you will be asked to use.


Non-conforming skin is no fun. Trying to find products that (a) work, (b) aren’t going to brutalise your skin with dubious ingredients, and (c) tackle the root cause is even less fun.

Our customers have seen results they haven't been able to achieve before. These are stories we like to share to encourage others who have similar challenges to try something new.  We would love for you to try our products for 6 weeks and share your #skinstory and Sönd journey.

What we need from participants

We would love to have material which we can use on our website, marketing and PR. This will include feedback, testimonials, photos and videos. Where photos are used they will not be of the whole face, but zoomed in on a particular area to show the before and after effects of a product. Please see an example below of how a picture will be cropped when used for marketing purposes.


The Case Study Process

During the case study we will ask you to only apply the four products outline below onto your skin.  Makeup of your choice can be applied on top.   

Complete questionnaire every seven days

Every 14 days you will receive an email asking the questions below. Please answer these questions by replying to the email.

  1. Are you enjoying using the products? If yes, why.
  2. Is there anything about the products you do not like? If yes, please provide details.
  3. Have you noticed any changes to your skin since starting to use the products? If yes, what changes have you noticed?
  4. Please take a picture of your face and send with your response.  When taking the picture face natural light and take a picture of each side and front of your face. Please see example below.  

Share your journey on social

Share your Sönd experience with your community on social. How you do this is completely up to you and what you think is best for your community.

Video review

At the end of the 6 weeks we would love to have a video review of your Sönd experience with comments on each of the products. 


How to use the products

About the products

We’ve created our products differently - to keep your skin in an alkaline state. We believe an alkaline environment is the best for maintaining strong and healthy connective tissue, allowing you to embrace healthier looking skin. Our products are created with an emphasis on being allergen free, and we believe it’s better (and safer) for sensitive skin to mix the best of nature with the best of science.

As part of this case study you will be asked to use 4 products, our cleanser, day cream, night cream and serum.  The below provides information on each and how they should be applied. 


The routine

Morning: Cleanser followed by Serum followed by Day Cream

Evening: Cleanser followed by Night Cream


Clean Slate Cleanser

Description: Rebalance your complexion with this gentle and effective cleansing cream. Shea and Cocoa butter lifts off impurities without stripping away your skin’s essential moisture, while extracts of chamomile and marigold will soothe and calm your skin for a healthy glow.

  • Quickly removes all makeup
  • Leaves skin feeling cleansed but not tight
  • Soothes and calms irritated skin

For best results: Massage the cleanser onto your dry face and neck, dissolving makeup and lifting daily grime. Rinse away with warm water, or dampen a soft cloth or cotton pad with warm water and use to wipe off the cleanser.


Strength Training Serum

Description: Build up your skin strength and reduce the signs of ageing with this skin barrier boosting serum. Antioxidant rich Moringa Oleifera and Pomegranate extract fight pollution and keep skin ageing free radicals at bay, while silica, hyaluronic acid and Pentavitin ensure long lasting deep moisturisation for softer, smoother skin.

  • Hyaluronic acid keeps skin looking plump and youthful
  • Silica and Pentavitin keep skin hydrated and firm
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

For best results: After cleansing, apply 1 or 2 pumps of serum onto your fingertips and massage gently and evenly onto your face and décolletage. Let it absorb briefly before applying your day or night cream.


Side Kick Day Cream

Description: Keep your skin fighting fit with this deep moisturising day cream. Shea butter and pomegranate moisturise and soothe dry, irritated skin, while silica and Pentavitin work hard to improve the skin’s barrier for better defence against further irritation.

  • Silica and Pentavitin strengthens the skin barrier
  • Deep long lasting moisturisation to ease dry skin
  • Soothes and calms irritated skin

For best results: Use every morning after cleansing. Apply 1 or 2 pumps of cream onto your fingertips and massage gently and evenly onto your face and décolletage.


Midnight Feast Night Cream

Description: Indulge in a nourishing feast for your skin, with this rich oil night cream containing organic Argan, Coconut and Hemp Seed oil. Active ingredients and precious natural oils intensely nourish the skin to restore firmness and suppleness while you sleep.

  • Plumps tired and dry skin
  • Restore skin’s natural firmness and smoothness
  • Nourishes and calms irritated skin

For best results: Use each night after cleansing. Apply 1 or 2 pumps of cream onto your fingertips and massage gently and evenly onto your face and décolletage.


How to Use Video

For details on how to use the products please watch the video below.

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