Dr. Mimi Goess-Saurau

Clinical Psychologist

Stress can have a huge impact on our skin, and Dr. Mimi-Goess knows that skin itself can be a huge source of stress for some. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and techniques that help alleviate stress and improve self-esteem.  

Introducing Mimi

Raised in London and based on Harley Street, London, Dr. Goess-Saurau obtained her PhD in Clinical Psychology from America's Palo Alto University, Pacific Graduate School of Psychology. 

 Dr. Goess-Saurau is equipped to assist her clients with a wide range of requirements; achieving a better understanding of themselves, helping them work through challenges and moving forward with their lives. 

You can find out more about Dr. Goess-Saurau on her website www.drmimigs.com.

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