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Face mask details

Just going about our daily lives exposes our skin to all manner of dirt, toxins and environmental pollutants. Couple this with the fact that our facial pores can become clogged with dirt, makeup, bacteria and excess oil, and we can end up with congested, stressed out, dull and acne prone skin.

We developed our Purifying Clay Face Mask to help absorb toxins from the skin, free the pores of dirt and grime and rebalance the skin with beneficial minerals. With just two naturally occurring ingredients, bentonite and zeolite volcanic clays, our clay face mask detoxifies, purifies, deeply cleanses and brightens the skin in just one weekly application.

Clay face mask for dry skin

Dry, dehydrated skin can become prone to flaking, peeling and itching. Our clay face mask has been developed to help purify the skin and remove toxins as well as support and nourish the skin with its naturally occurring silicon and other minerals. Used weekly, it can help keep your skin happy, healthy and nourished.

Clay face mask for eczema

Having eczema can mean that certain skin care products and ingredients can cause your skin to flare up and become red, itchy and irritated. Our clay face mask contains just two ingredients - natural zeolite and bentonite volcanic clays. It’s suitable for the most sensitive of skin types and helps to deeply cleanse and detoxify. It’s also rich in silica and other minerals that support healthy, bright skin.

Clay face cream for oily skin

Oily skin produces too much sebum, which can make the skin feel greasy and look shiny. Excess sebum can also clog the pores, trapping dirt and bacteria, leading to spots and acne breakouts. Our Purifying Clay Face Mask helps to draw oil, grime and bacteria from the pores, leading to clearer, brighter skin that’s less prone to breakouts.

Clay face cream for acne

Excess sebum, trapped dirt and bacteria and clogged pores can all make acne prone skin feel worse and become more likely to break out. Our Purifying Clay Face Mask contains natural bentonite and zeolite volcanic clays that draw dirt and impurities from the pores, leading to cleaner, clearer, less stressed skin.

Clay face cream for psoriasis

Caring for your skin can be difficult if you have psoriasis. Certain skin care products and ingredients can cause irritation and flare ups. Our clay face mask is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types and is ideal if you have rosacea. It detoxifies and purifies the skin, clearing the pores and deeply cleansing. It’s natural volcanic clays contain silica and other minerals that help to soothe, calm and nourish the skin.

Clay face cream for rosacea

The redness, inflammation and irritation of rosacea can be difficult to manage, with some skin care products causing the skin to react badly. Our calming clay face mask is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types and absorbs dirt, excess oil and toxins from the skin. It also contains silica and other minerals that help to nourish the skin, helping to keep rosacea outbreaks under control.

Clay face cream for combination skin

Having combination skin can mean a delicate balancing act between skin care products designed for the differing needs of your skin. But our clay face mask is suitable for all skin types, from dry to oily, sensitive and acne prone. Used weekly, it keeps the pores clear of dirt and debris, calms the skin with its beneficial minerals and allows you to enjoy clearer, brighter skin.

Frequently asked questions:

How to use a clay face mask?

Clay face masks are easy and simple to use. To use our Clear Out Face Mask, use the bamboo spoon provided to add two heaped scoops of clay to our bamboo bowl. Then add a small amount of water at a time and stir until you achieve a thick, smooth paste. Apply to the face immediately using the brush provided, avoiding the eye area.

How long should you leave a clay face mask on for?

Most clay face masks are designed to be left on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes. This gives them enough time to get to work absorbing toxins, removing dirt from the pores and nourishing the skin with their beneficial minerals.

How should you wash off a clay face mask?

The best way to remove a clay face mask from the skin is to gently wipe it away with a clean face cloth and warm water.

Are clay face masks good for acne?

Yes, clay masks are very good for acne prone skin! Natural clays such as zeolite and bentonite help to absorb toxins from the skin and remove dirt, oil and bacteria from the pores. Detoxing the skin in such a way helps to prevent acne breakouts and spots caused by clogged pores and stressed out skin.

Can you sleep in a clay face mask?

Most clay face masks contain clays that are naturally coloured by the minerals they contain. For example, the bentonite clay in our clay face mask is an off white-grey colour. Whilst this colouring is completely natural and suitable for use on even sensitive skin, it will stain fabrics. So we don’t advise sleeping in our clay face mask.

How often should you use a clay face mask?

Most clay face masks have been developed to use on a weekly basis. We suggest making it part of your weekly routine on an evening where you can have some time to yourself relaxing mindfully in your mask whilst it gets to work detoxifying and purifying your skin.

How often to use a bentonite clay face mask?

We would advise using our Clear Out Clay Face Mask once a week to help keep your pores clear and your skin feeling fresh, clean and calm.



Zeolite is a type of natural clay that contains beneficial volcanic minerals that nourish the skin. The zeolite clay in our clay face mask absorbs the toxins, pollution and heavy metals that can accumulate on a daily basis. It gives the skin a deep, detoxing cleanse, unclogs the pores and helps to prevent acne breakouts.


Like zeolite, bentonite is a naturally occurring volcanic clay with absorptive properties. It removes impurities from the skin and absorbs dirt, bacteria and excess oil to help keep the pores clear and prevent spots and acne breakouts. Bentonite clay also contains beneficial minerals including silica that help to support healthy skin.

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