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Share Your Skin Story

Share Your Story #skinstories

At Sönd, we want everyone to feel good about their skin.

We know that looking at social media can give us unrealistic expectations of how 'perfect' everyone else's skin is, and leave us feeling not so good about our skin, and ourselves.

So feeling frustrated by this, we decided to do something positive and create a hashtag for real life skin stories....a place where you can share the story of your skin, learn about others stories, and where we can see and share tips and tricks for how to feel good about your skin - no matter what kind of skin day you're having!

So here it is...#SkinStories

#skinstories on Instagram

Share your own Skin Story with us on Instagram by tagging us @sondskin and using the hashtag #SkinStories

Our feed is full of feel good images, advice and the occasional giveaway! Who said sensitive skin needs to be boring?

Share Your Skin Story with Sönd:

via email

via Instagram tagging @sondskin

or using #SkinStories

Receive a gift for sharing your #skinstory

If you think you would love to share your story too, take a look at the thank you gifts we will send you with your next purchase.*

If you would like to share your story please email it to

Share a Selfie = One Free Product**

We love to see our customers feeling confident and looking good. So if your confidence has improved as a result of using the Sönd products, let us know by sending us your best selfie! Makeup or no makeup it’s up to you, all we ask is that you do you.

Top Tip: The best light to use when taking a photo or video is natural light. Instead of facing your computer screen or television, turn toward a window with natural light. Or better yet, go outside and bask in the sun's glow (with sunscreen on).

Share Before + After pictures = Two Free Products**

Sometimes we can’t see what’s right in front of us, and it’s hard to see the changes in your skin when they happen one day at at time. With before and after pictures, the results are obvious. And so satisfying! So satisfy your future self and us, by taking some before shots and you can pat yourself on the back in 6 weeks time when you are in awe of the changes.

Top tips:

  • Take the picture facing natural light
  • Take pictures from three angles, the front and each side

Share a Video = Three Free Products**

A picture is worth a thousand words right? Well to us a video is worth a thousand pictures, because we love nothing more than hearing your skin story directly from you. As soon as we receive one, we WhatsApp each other instantly with pride and it makes the Monday morning commute completely worth it. So why not make our day and send us a video of your Sönd skin story.

Top tips:

  • Take the video facing natural light
  • Hold your phone vertical/upright for the video 'Feel Good About Your Skin' is our mantra because we know what a 'bad skin day' can feel like, and we want you to have less of them.


*Thank You Gifts will be sent at the discretion of Sönd, we are only interested in receiving honest, genuine reviews.

** With your Next Purchase of any Full Sized Product on the Sönd website.

Offer can only be claimed once per customer.

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