Silica: The Science
Behind Sönd

The Importance of Silica

Silica is a four-fold anti-ageing ingredient for skin which provides the following benefits;

  • Required for collagen production, silica sits inside collagen acting as glue providing the connective tissue with strength, flexibility and resilience.
  • Increases water retention with it’s ability to create bonds with protein molecules (collagen & keratin) and polysacharides (carbohydrates), which are responsible for the skins natural ability to hydrate and retain water.
  • It soothes irritated skin as the silica can form strong bonds with free radicals reducing the inflammation process.
  • Improves blood vessels ability to deliver oxygen and nutrients to skins cells by increasing their elasticity and firmness.

Silica Depleting In Our Bodies

Naturally present in our bodies when we are born, there is no substitute for the essential role silica plays and it's an important substance that maintains our overall health. An average adult excretes between 300-400 mg of silica per day but our bodies only take in about 50mg from the food we eat.

Silica is usually found in foods like dark leafy greans, leaks, green beans and asparagus but this has been refined to the point where not much nutrient silica is left.

The Silica in Sönd

Silicon and oxygen are the most abundant elements on the planet. Combined they form silica, which is most commonly found in quartz.

Sourced from quartz, Sönd silica comes straight from the original source for silica rather than extracting it from foodstuffs.

The Sönd Skincare system

Our dual approach skicare system improves the look and appearance of every skin type, as it's the accelerated silica nourishment that achieves results.

Our topical skincare products are applied directly to skin for silica replenishment via skin, and Sönd supplements improve your silica stores from within.

This system actually mimics the natural process of how you increase the presence of silica in your body, but at a much higher rate of efficiency.

Try Sönd

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